My new quarters

I’ve been too busy for the last few months to write much about my antics because I have been having my quarters revamped by my uncle to make life easier for Mum. It has been very hectic here and the upheaval has been upsetting me a bit.

First of all my uncle installed a new outdoor lighting system so that I can see in my run at night. That was good. Then he installed a sink unit in my room between the washing machine and the dryer. He put cupboards above and below the sink unit  to store all my stuff but because I keep chewing the knobs on the equipment there is a dog playpen blocking me away from that area of the room.

WP_20151110_08_04_17_ProI wasn’t a very good girl though. That night, when I was put back in my room I decided to chew up the lino on the floor. I’ve never done that before. Next thing I knew I was put back in my playpen in the kitchen while my uncle installed a new ceramic tiled floor. I can’t chew that. 😦

He took out all the equipment, a big freezer and an old fridge on the other side of the room so that there is now more room for me and my toys, then he painted the room pink and cream to match the kitchen and my basket.

Then my uncle started on my run and built a longer covered area, so I have a bigger area to play in when it is raining. He also decided to smarten up the floor area and decked all the covered area. Mum calls it a “garden room” now and sits out there nearly every morning while she has her breakfast. Then she throws a ball for me or has a tug-o-war. She even had a New Year’s Eve party out there, so that I could join in. They put a chimenea out in the open air bit of my run and toasted in the New Year sipping champagne while they were watching the firework displays our neighbours were having all around us. I wasn’t even frightened of the bangs, because I was so excited to have so many people in my run to play with me.

Up until now I’ve been quite good in my bit of the utility room that is sectioned off by my playpen. Mum says she is going to take up the rugs in the kitchen that I keep chewing and I will have to lie on a cold floor, but meanwhile when she’s not around she shuts me in my room in my playpen. But today I got really bored with being good.

My cries for attention are being ignored. Lately I keep shouting my head off during the night. Usually Mum gets up and lets me out for a pee, but I think she has sussed that I don’t really need a pee every two hours so she has been ignoring me. What’s a girl to do to get some attention? I keep up the shouting until she finally comes down and orders me back to bed. So today I decided to try another tactic.

WP_20160108_11_21_44_Pro 2Mum decided before her New Year party to tidy up all my toys and put them into an old pink washing up bowl which she put next to my bed so I can pick out my favourite bones to chew when I’m bored. That worked for a week. I liked the noise I could make rattling my toys around in the bowl. But today when Mum went to have a bath I decided to chew up the toybox/bowl.

Now what else can I do to annoy her? Maybe I could chew up my blankets? Maybe I could continue chewing my basket?

But I’ll do it later. I’m too tired now and I need a snooze in my bed. It’s quite exhausting shouting half the night and I’ve worn my jaws out chewing up the washing up bowl. 😉


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