Gardening and Training

WP_20150811_14_42_00_ProMum is fed up with me creating havoc and pruning her climbers on the trellis around my run while she is out doing her gardening, so today she decided to let me help her in the garden. Well, I didn’t actually help, but I stayed by her side guarding her from anything that might want to attack her, like bees and wasps.

Actually I didn’t have much choice than to stay by her side, because she had my lead strapped around her body to keep me close to her while she was weeding and trimming the plants. However, she said she was very pleased with me because I didn’t try to interfere with what she was doing.

After Mum had finished gardening, she decided to step up my training ready for tonight. We have got the boss trainer taking our class at my GSD training club because our trainer is on holiday, and Mum wanted me to impress. She took loads of photos of me doing it right, in case I do it wrong tonight. She said she was very pleased with me especially as I didn’t even have my head collar on. Even better than that, she never even had to give me any treats until after we had finished my training session.

Will I be able to impress them all tonight?

This is my two minute sit/stay. Mum started photographing me at 14.41.17 and the last photo she took was 14.43.12. She was walking all around and finished by walking behind me and going to heel position, before I got my reward of….. a cuddle and a pat on the head. What? No treat?

Then I had to do my lie down/stay. I’m not normally very good at that out in the field because of all the interesting smells but I managed to do almost two minutes from 14.45.38 until 14.47.08.

Next came my stand/stay. In class we just stand together and Mum doesn’t have to move. That happens in the next class up. But Mum did her walk around me and I was fine. It wasn’t for very long though.

We practiced everything else that we have to do in class, like we do every evening on our walks. Mum picks a different place every time. There are some places I am good at it, away from any distractions, but she picked a place near a roundabout one day last week and there was lots going on. I was okay though until another dog came along. I’m not very good when there are other dogs around.

I had to wait for ages and ages for my biscuit which was my reward for being a very good girl today. All that I did with no treats and all I got was one biscuit! 😦 I get more than that when I go to bed at night. I get three then, but I have to wait two minutes between each one.

Mum says she’s going to make me do it all again tomorrow off the lead in her garden, and risk me trampling her plants and falling into the pond. 🙂

These are the rest of the photos Mum took of me today.


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