My Pedigree

I have an excellent pedigree, although there looks like there has been a bit of inter-breeding going on in the past.

This is my dad, Yogi

This is my dad, Yogi

My dad, Yogi, has the grand official name of Mountsett Dare Devil at BallynabolaYogi’s Pedigree
My mum, Willow, is Snowdrop White Cherry

Yogi’s dad is Dreamhunter White Comet at Mountsett
Yogi’s mum is Dreamhunter Dixie at Mountsett
Yogi’s paternal grandfather is Tiggys Shooting Star at Dreamhunter
Yogi’s paternal grandmother is White Chitsa at Dreamhunter
Yogi’s maternal grandfather is Shapiero Zakaray Zeb
Yogi’s maternal grandmother is Dreamhunter Snowberry

Willow’s dad is Henk Dyon of the Heart of Lothian at Debylyn (Imp Nld)
Willow’s mum is Snowdrop White Angel
Willow’s paternal grandfather is Lord Gryphon of the Heart of Lothian
Willow’s paternal grandmother is Judy Chula of the Heart of Lothian
Willow’s maternal grandfather is Bricketwood Spirit of Rajah at Debylyn
Willow’s maternal grandmother is Snowdrop Maide

Yogi’s Great Grandparents
parents are Bridgeview White Tiger and Epona Goddess
Chitsa’s parents are Cearnac the Victorious of Ardtalamcu and Jet Black Gypsey Queen
Zakaray’s parents are Shandelburg Fanto and Alisa Ramadam
Snowberry’s parents are Rock’n’Roll Harry at Dreamhunter and White Chitsa at Dreamhunter (she got around a bit, didn’t she – the tart!) So she appears twice in Yogi’s line

Willow’s Great Grandparents
Gryphon’s parents
are Iskandar Lothian vom Wertal and Tinka’s Frenja
Judy Chula’s parents are Chulo el Lobo Gracioso and Chelsea Basca of the Heart of Lothian
Spirit of Rajah’s parents are Bricketwood Waterdale White Rajah and Bricketwood White Moondust
Snowdrop Maiden’s parents are Kurtridge Martelli and Top Touch

Yogi’s Great, Great Grandparents in order are is:-
Clappham White Kane and Bridgeview Bubbly-on-Ice (son Bridgeview White Tiger)
Billalayn Strikes Again and Exotic Beauty (daughter Epona Goddess)
Syriacus Snowy and Sassie Dark Lucky (Son Cearnac the Victorious)
Syriacus Snowy and Tootsie Tiara (blimey – he’s put it about a bit!) (Daughter Jet-Black Gypsey Queen)
Shercoz Gundo and Auchtermill Jenni  (Son Shandelburg Fanto)
Heldrews Bandelero and Heldrews Cherry (I hope they weren’t related!) (Daughter Alisa Ramadam)
White Chisum Snow Boy and Promise of Glory (Son Rock’n’roll Harry)
Cearnac the Victorious of Ardtalamcu and Jet Black Gypsey Queen (that faithful couple appear twice in Yogi’s line) (Daughter White Chitsa)

Willow’s Great, Great Grandparents in order are:-
Buddy’s Lord Kevin and Farah of Majestics (Son Iskandar Lothian)
Danish Aladdin and Nelly Mara von Schlob Rahe (Daughter Tinka’s Frenja)
Bacio and Cinta of the First Choice (Son Chulo el Lobo Gracioso)
Basko of the White Stars and Magic White’s Caltha (Daughter Chelsea Basca)
Zorro of Graston and Heidi’s White Cuddle’n Kiss (Son Bricketwood Waterdale White Rajah)
White Sparton Warrior and Heidi’s White Cuddle’n Kiss (the tart) (Daughter Bricketwood White Moondust)
Chanask Jackson and Curtridge Mona (Son Kurtridge Martelli)
Sparkling Snowflake and Delightful Melody (Daughter Top Touch)

I wonder if they are all still alive?

What on earth was Jet-Black Gypsey Queen doing twice in a line of white GSD’s? (Why do they spell Gypsy like that anyway? It looks silly.) And Sassy Dark Lucky sounds a bit suspect too!


3 thoughts on “My Pedigree

  1. Hi huni

    I also have a Yogi child, he is 1 on 18th Aug and an adorable big clumsy goofball 😜 his name is Zeus, I’m not sure how to add pics on here to share with you xxx

  2. I had a female GSD born 1999, she was given sleep 2010, her father was Shapiero Zakaray Zeb. I have her pedigree it goes quite far back. From her pedigree Heldrews Bandelero and Heldrews Cherry are not related. Litters born different times, the B litter first followed by the C litter. Heldrews Bandelero parents were Vicksburg Yalk and Dabren Hof Dante of Heldrew. Heldrews Cherry parents were Yoggy vom Klostermoor (I love that name) and Heldrews Allure. Shercoz Gundo parents were Cello vom Aschera and Shercoz Sorenna and Auchtermil Jenni’s parents were Rosehurst Chris and Allankeesimone.

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