Hooray! Hooray! It’s my 2nd Birthday today!


Mum bought this new bed today
and a new pink paddling pool
for me to splash in and play,
cos the baby bath’s too small.

Last time I had a new bed
I was a very young pup
but Mum’s bought a new one now
because she thought I’d grown up.

I’ve had four beds up ’til now.
All of them have been bright pink
Mum likes that cerise colour
all around her house, I think.

My first bed’s in the garden
full of pretty pink flowers.
It sits with other pink pots
on the patio of ours.

My first bed I grew out of,
the next Mum’s friend smashed to bits
falling on it from a height,
which had everyone in fits.
My third bed has been well chewed,
is comfy and just fits me,
but Mum wanted a new one
for our holiday, you see.

This one has a nice cushion
for me to sit on, she said.
I just wanted to chew it
so it’s been hidden instead.

Now I have got two baskets:
one’s kept where I sleep at night
the other’s in the kitchen
for when I’m within Mum’s sight.

(Published on writersdigest.com)

Hooray! Hooray!
It’s my second birthday today.

My first bed, my next bed, my third bed and my old baby bath paddling pool.



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