3 years old today

Hip, hip hooray!
I’m three years old today.

Doggone! I haven’t posted anything for months! Well I have been very busy, that’s why. I’ve moved house and I now live in Cornwall, just under a mile from the sea. It’s fantastic here. I have a much bigger area in the garden to run around in, and there is a park outside the front of my house for mum to take me out walking.

We didn’t go to the beach much during the winter as Mum doesn’t like me getting wet when it is cold, but we did go down to the beach on Xmas Day and New Year’s Day I had a splash about in the beach stream. I expect we will be going to the beach more often now that the weather is warmer. I have had plenty of sea air though because Mum and I like walking around the coastal path up on the cliffs. Sometimes it has been so very windy up there that Mum could hardly stand up and even I didn’t like it blowing into my face much. Continue reading


Scared of the Sea

wp_20161004_17_40_33_proMy mum has sold our house.
We’re off to pastures new
living right near a beach.
I hope that fact is true.

I’ve been on holiday
paddling there in the stream
until it reached the sea,
but that sure made me scream.

The waves came crashing in
and that made me quite scared
so I went back again
to paddle where I dared.

I watched the other dogs
who were chasing a ball
right out into the waves
showing no fear at all.

Mum thinks I’m a wimp.
Paws on the ground I keep.
I like to play in pools
until they get too deep.

When we move to our house
near to the deep blue sea
I might get used to waves
and braver I might be.

Hooray! Hooray! It’s my 2nd Birthday today!


Mum bought this new bed today
and a new pink paddling pool
for me to splash in and play,
cos the baby bath’s too small.

Last time I had a new bed
I was a very young pup
but Mum’s bought a new one now
because she thought I’d grown up.

I’ve had four beds up ’til now.
All of them have been bright pink
Mum likes that cerise colour
all around her house, I think.

My first bed’s in the garden
full of pretty pink flowers.
It sits with other pink pots
on the patio of ours.

My first bed I grew out of,
the next Mum’s friend smashed to bits
falling on it from a height,
which had everyone in fits.
My third bed has been well chewed,
is comfy and just fits me,
but Mum wanted a new one
for our holiday, you see.

This one has a nice cushion
for me to sit on, she said.
I just wanted to chew it
so it’s been hidden instead.

Now I have got two baskets:
one’s kept where I sleep at night
the other’s in the kitchen
for when I’m within Mum’s sight.

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Hooray! Hooray!
It’s my second birthday today. Continue reading

My new quarters

I’ve been too busy for the last few months to write much about my antics because I have been having my quarters revamped by my uncle to make life easier for Mum. It has been very hectic here and the upheaval has been upsetting me a bit.

First of all my uncle installed a new outdoor lighting system so that I can see in my run at night. That was good. Then he installed a sink unit in my room between the washing machine and the dryer. He put cupboards above and below the sink unit  to store all my stuff but because I keep chewing the knobs on the equipment there is a dog playpen blocking me away from that area of the room.

WP_20151110_08_04_17_ProI wasn’t a very good girl though. That night, when I was put back in my room I decided to chew up the lino on the floor. I’ve never done that before. Next thing I knew I was put back in my playpen in the kitchen while my uncle installed a new ceramic tiled floor. I can’t chew that. 😦

He took out all the equipment, a big freezer and an old fridge on the other side of the room so that there is now more room for me and my toys, then he painted the room pink and cream to match the kitchen and my basket.

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An 18 Months Old Adolescent

WP_20151014_09_32_15_ProGosh! I cannot believe it is so long since I wrote anything. I’ve been very busy though, chasing pigeons away from our back garden, barking at cats who dare to walk past the front of our house and generally making sure any would be burglars know that I’m around, whenever I hear a strange sound outside. Mum doesn’t seem to like it though. I can’t think why.

Mum says I’m a madam and a spoiled brat!

Well, it’s not very fair that Continue reading