Sunshine again, at last!


I am so happy to see the sun again, I can’t stop barking for joy

Yeah! I have just seen the sun.
Now I can go out and have some fun.
For days it’s been pouring with rain
and I’ve been confined to quarters again.

It seems like ages since I’ve been out playing in my run because it has been raining all day, for days, and days. I have tried barking at it to make it stop, but Mum said that wouldn’t do any good.

It was raining again this morning when we got up, so Mum put up all her sunshades again around the entrances to the covered bit of my run so that the rain didn’t come into it, like she has done all this Bank Holiday weekend. Mum says we still have to get our fresh air, even if it is raining, and she has been sitting out with me under the covered bit, and playing tug’o’war with me instead of throwing my ball for me.

Mum likes to eat al fresco during ‘Summer’ so she has set up her plastic garden table and chairs under cover because she heard that it was going to be raining a lot. They are usually out in the open bit of my run. I quite like them there because now that the table is near the house she can work on her laptop as she can get her internet there, so she spends a lot of her day out there with me. Then there is more room in the open bit of my run for me to run around and play ball, when it isn’t raining, that is.

Luckily it has stopped raining long enough for Mum and me to get our evening walks each day, and she has even managed to play ball with me and do my training off the lead out in the open bit for a little while after I have had my supper. We were also practising my training in her garden last week. She keeps me on a lead to do it there, just in case I run amok among her plants.

My mates from training school were doing a display yesterday. I bet they got pawfully wet again. The last display they did it was raining and they all got soaked. Mum thinks that perhaps it is a good thing that I am not good enough to go and do displays yet!

But today, at last the rain has stopped (we think). Mum says she’s going to take me for a long walk later because we didn’t go very far for the last couple of days.


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