WP_20150815_08_30_58_ProI’m confined to a smaller quarter
for doing what I shouldn’a oughta.
She’s going away
socialising for the day
so if I can’t get my own way
and get at my run to play
I’ll just stand and shout
for her to let me out.
I’ll work it out.

Mum’s been reorganising my run. Firstly because it was going to be raining for two days and she didn’t want my area to get wet (or me, I suppose). Secondly because she is going to be away from home for at least eight hours next week, so she doesn’t want to risk leaving me locked up in my room all day, in case it is hot and stuffy or I need a pee. She said she needed the area to be completely dog-proof so that I don’t get tempted to chew anything. As if I would!

There is a roof over part of my run, so she has managed to block off the rest of the run by wedging her tipped up garden table between the bins and the water butt, so I can’t get passed and into the wet bit of the run to chase the pigeons down the end of the garden, or to prune her climbing plants on the trellis around my run.

Next she has wedged a big rubber tray thingy for mixing concrete across the entrance to the alleyway I use as my loo, where there is no roof. I’ve been scrabbling around at the bottom of the fence down there, so she’s a bit worried I might be able to get out if I’m out there on my own all day. I suppose she thinks I will pee on the patio slabs if I can’t wait any longer, instead of in my room.

Now Mum’s testing me to see if there is anything else I can think of doing that is bad while she is away. She is leaving me in my room with access to the little bit of run that I have left to see what I do all day.

I’m pretending to be asleep while I work out how to jump the hurdles she has put in my way.

I suppose in eight hours I could chew my way through the plastic garden chairs she has stuck all around the place. Then I would be able to get at the fence panels she has put in front of the fence I have already chewed. It will take me a while to chew through the plastic garden table. Then I will be able to get at the trellis fence and prune all her climbing plants properly, and get at the wooden greenhouse that is down the end of my run, waiting to be erected.

It’s going to be an exhausting day for me, I think.


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