3 years old today

Hip, hip hooray!
I’m three years old today.

Doggone! I haven’t posted anything for months! Well I have been very busy, that’s why. I’ve moved house and I now live in Cornwall, just under a mile from the sea. It’s fantastic here. I have a much bigger area in the garden to run around in, and there is a park outside the front of my house for mum to take me out walking.

We didn’t go to the beach much during the winter as Mum doesn’t like me getting wet when it is cold, but we did go down to the beach on Xmas Day and New Year’s Day I had a splash about in the beach stream. I expect we will be going to the beach more often now that the weather is warmer. I have had plenty of sea air though because Mum and I like walking around the coastal path up on the cliffs. Sometimes it has been so very windy up there that Mum could hardly stand up and even I didn’t like it blowing into my face much.

I really like it here. We now have a nice big kitchen where I sleep at night, although we also have a small utility room where my stuff is kept. In my old house I slept in the utility room which was a lot bigger than this one. I also had a large covered decking area in my run in the garden, where we could sit outside, whatever the weather. Here the back door goes straight into the garden, which is mostly all grass. I don’t like getting my back wet, so I don’t stay out very long when it is raining.

Mum spends more time with me now as she works in the kitchen/diner to keep me company. She lets me have a scout around the rest of the house as well, but I prefer to be in the kitchen where my toys are.

Today it is my birthday. I am three now. Mum says that the terrible two’s are over and I must now be a better behaved dog. I am usually quite good these days. I haven’t chewed anything up, well not anything important anyway. I still run off with Mum’s shoes, her kitchen towel and her coasters, but I don’t chew them up. If I manage to pick Mum’s pocket and grab her tissue I will chew that up if I can before she gets it back though.

I haven’t chewed the new basket and cushion I had for my second birthday last year. They still look brand new, but Mum has bought me a new matching cushion to lie on when I’m in the lounge. That was supposed to be a birthday present but Mum gave it to me last week. I prefer to just stretch out on the carpet though.

Well, I gotta go now, it’s time for my walk. Mum says I can have some of her fish and chips tonight as a birthday treat. Yummy, yum  😉




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