Worn out!

WP_20150727_11_32_03_Pro 2

Having a big yawn

Woof! I’m a worn out doggy and I am feeling hoarse.

We had a party here yesterday, it was supposed to be a garden party, but it rained so it had to be held indoors. Mum took me for a long walk in the morning to tire me out, but before I could have my snooze everyone arrived, so I had to do my guarding Mum job.

I barked my head off at everyone as they arrived. More people kept on arriving, so I kept on barking. Mum was cross with me doing that so she shut me in my room and closed the door. Then I still kept on barking because I don’t like being locked away.

Mum said I had to stay in my room because of all the food that was sitting on the table. She said she didn’t trust me! Who me? As if I would steal their food!

There were fifteen people in our lounge, all making a lot of noise. Why aren’t I allowed to talk too?

Then they all started eating lots of food. Some people gave me a bit of their leftover food, but it wasn’t much. 😦 Eventually after the little boy who was frightened of me went home Mum took me through the kitchen where there was still a lot of food on the table and into the lounge to sit with the rest of her friends. That was better.

I liked being with everyone, but it was a bit crowded and I was a bit nervous of a lady who walks with sticks. I think I really upset the lady with the sticks, because she loves me and I’m so wary of her. One of Mum’s other friends gave me lots of tickle tums and she tickled me with the sticks too, to try and get me used to them.

After everyone went home I helped Mum clear up the kitchen. Well I sort of helped Mum get rid of some of the food that was still sitting about, but she wasn’t very pleased. I can’t think why.

Anyway, I slept well last night afterwards, I was really worn out.

Mum and I are having a quiet day today, and would you believe the sun is shining? Why couldn’t it have shone yesterday for the party?

Mum says she’s going to have smaller parties next time, or put me in the kennels for the day. That’s really mean! 😦

Woofs and wags to you all 🙂


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