Agility Training

Training01 3Wow! I am absolutely shattered.

I’ve had a pawsome time at the Agility Training Day at my GSD Training Club today.

First of all me and my doggy mates had to play retrieve. I’m not very good at that, although I did like finding a furry thing the trainer had thrown in the field for me to fetch.

Then we did all sorts of exciting things in the agility arena like jumping hurdles, running through three different types of tunnels, walking along ramps and up and down a see-saw. I had to walk through a corridor of poles, climb up an A frame and down again, step through a hoop on the ground then had to jump through another type of hoop suspended in a frame. I’ve stood on a scales and walked along a wobbly board. I absolutely loved it all, and the trainer was very pleased with me.

Then there was a high wall thing to jump up and climb over. That was too tough for me. I’m only little. I don’t even like jumping up into Mum’s car boot really.  Mum didn’t really mind that I didn’t manage to do it because she doesn’t really want me to jump high things in case I damage myself.

After that we had sniffer dog training. The man said I was good at that, although all I had to do was follow the scent of his shoes and find the treats he had laid along the way he had walked. I liked that.

I really enjoyed myself. Wish I could go every week. But I missed my morning nap and I am tired out so I’m off for a nice long snooze now. zzzzzzzzzzzzz


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