Devil’s Daughter

WP_20150706_11_43_29_ProI have been so wicked.
You’ll not guess what I did.
I’m the Devil’s daughter,
done what I shouldna oughta.

However hard I try
to be a good girl I
still just cannot resist,
when I’m told to desist.

Mum is now hopping mad.
I know that I’ve been bad:
look at my contrite face.
I am now in disgrace.

I chewed what I shouldn’t.
Resist I just couldn’t.

The other day Mum left me to play in the kitchen while she got on with her work. I was only a few feet away from her, but cross because she had shut the gate between the kitchen where I was and the lounge where she was. So I waited until she was engrossed with her computer stuff, and I started chewing her pink rug on the kitchen floor. She went mad at me, then took the rug up and put it in the lounge instead.

Today I was playing away happily in the kitchen again, and chewing my bones. Mum took a load of photos of me then went up to the loo. When she came down she found her other rug with loose strands all over the floor.

When Mum shook her finger at me, I lay down contritely and hotly denied having had anything to do with it. I told her it just fell apart.

Now I’ve been shut in my room again, because Mum says I lied and was unrepentant. 😦

Maybe Mum should re-read my poem I wrote a while ago:-

In the Pink

I am in the pink
I’m feeling oh so fine
I think I’ll have a play
with something pink of mine.

I have cerise pink balls
and a cerise pink bed
Anything that is pink
must be mine, in my head.

Mum’s rugs are cerise pink
and her cushions too
and she has a cerise pink blanket
that I like to chew.

I tear her cerise pink towels
and prune her cerise pink flowers
I think that she had better change
that colour scheme of ours!


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