Gardening, garden parties and agility training

WP_20150626_13_11_20_ProWoof, woof! Lexy here again.

I’ve been a very lazy girl and not written much on my blog lately, but I have to say I’ve been having a fantastic month, with Mum and I sitting by the table under a sunshade in my run in the garden most mornings for breakfast, then again during lunch. Then after I’ve had my evening walk and supper we sit there whiling the rest of the evening away until it gets dark. I think I like the summer.

My run is getting smaller because Mum keeps putting things in it, like a whole set of table and chairs. Why she needs that whole lot in my run I don’t know, cos there’s only her and me. She said something about it stopping me from charging into the trellis at the end when I’m chasing the pesky pigeons that keep sitting on the top of the trellis. They are the bane of my life. There are lots of them and their flight path is right over the top of my run.

I like the little birds though. There are a couple of little dunnocks which keep teasing me. They hop around in front of my run right under my nose grubbing around for food. They live in a big bush in Mum’s garden. They are not frightened of me at all.

I’m finding it a bit hot during the day, so I spend the rest of the day in my room with a gate across the open back door while Mum gets on with her work. That is until she goes out gardening. Then I go out too and help with pruning the plants that are on my side of the trellis around my run. I don’t understand why Mum gets cross at that. I am only copying what she’s doing, after all. I managed to dig up a root of mint this morning. Yuk! It tasted horrible. Mum took it away from me and replanted it somewhere else. Why on earth does she want to keep that weed? It’s nasty.

IMG_2458 2Last weekend Mum had a garden party for her friends, so I had lots of people to talk to, although they didn’t really want to listen to what I had to say. I tried to talk to them, but they just ignored me. They liked me later on when Mum took me into her posh garden on my lead. I sat with them for a long time and they took it in turns to pet me. Then we all had photos taken together. I didn’t even trample Mum’s best plants. No-one let me have any of their food though. I think that was a bit mean, especially as there was lots left over. Mum gave me some meaty bits and bobs though when no-one was looking.

I’ve been trying to be quite a good girl at my training class. We do it outside in a big field now where there’s lots of jumping equipment and three training areas. Mum takes me for a little go on the jumps before the class starts. We are starting to do jumps in training class as well as standing on other bits of equipment to prove we aren’t scared of them. I’m not scared at all, but there is another dog who is. This week we had to go through a big black tunnel. I didn’t like it at first and there was the trainer trying to get me to go in at one end, and Mum calling me to her at the other. They both kept putting treats inside to try and coax me in and eventually I went through it. Next time we got to it I went in straight away, and the time after. I think that’s quite fun now. Next month I am going on an agility training day. That’s what Mum’s been wanting me to do all along, so I hope we’ll like it. Some of my doggy friends do displays, and that’s what Mum wants me to be able to do one day.  This is one of my mates in my training club jumping through fire. I’m not sure I want to do that!10805562_927112657328028_8086036536363902618_n 2

I went on a walk last night with one of Mum’s friends and showed him how I can do my left and rights along a row of wooden posts on our trading estate. There was another man watching who thought it was very funny that as Mum was shouting “Left! Right! Left! Right!” I wasn’t always doing what I was supposed to do. Actually I got a bit bored with it and started sniffing about instead.

Well folks, I’m off for my afternoon nap now. Woof, woof.


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