Our Garden Party

WP_20150511_15_01_36_ProMum had a garden party here yesterday to celebrate her birthday. It wasn’t a very warm day, so most people ate indoors. It was a bit scary having loads of noisy people milling around so I stayed in my room and in my run most of the time. Anyway, Mum wouldn’t let me in the kitchen or the living room where all the food was, in case I stole something. As if!

When everyone except my auntie had gone home I was allowed back in with them while they were clearing up. No-one seemed to have dropped any tasty titbits on the floor but I I spent a long time sniffing around the sitting room trying to work out who had been sitting where.

I haven’t been out in the garden since last year, as it has been too cold for Mum to be out there for very long and we always stay in my run when we go out for a play. To make up for the fact that I hadn’t been allowed in Mum’s bit of garden yesterday in case I ran amok, Mum, my auntie and I had our own special garden party today. I had a good old sniff at all the plants, then tried to have a gnaw on her ornamental deer antlers. Well, how was I supposed to know that I wasn’t allowed to chew them! Mum actually buys me antlers to gnaw on. Then I found my favourite group of grasses that I used to like last year when I was little. Mum says I’m too big to lie and hide in them now.

I can pretend I am in the jungle

I can pretend I am in the jungle

I'm too big to hide in the jungle now

I’m too big to hide in the jungle now

It’s so nice to be able to go back out in the garden again, but because it is an ornamental gravel garden I’m not allowed to play. In fact when Mum sat down to eat her lunch she tied me to her garden chair so I wouldn’t eat any more of her garden. Mum says I was a very good girl, so maybe we’ll be able to go out again tomorrow and maybe I won’t try to eat her plants, if I remember. 😉


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