Spring moult, muddy walks and agility training

WP_20150307_10_56_59_Pro 2Spring has come early, or so Mum says. We’ve been sitting in the sunshine outside in my run most of this morning. I’ve been moulting a lot and Mum gave me a good brushing earlier, but I’m still moulting.

Mum gave up her part time job a couple of weeks ago and it has been really good to have her here with me all day, although my auntie has also been staying with us for a few weeks, so I had company anyway. Mum has been taking us to lots of country parks and they have nearly walked my legs off, but I love the new smells.

On one walk I got very muddy when I went for a paddle and a drink in a pool. I had a good old run around off the lead though. When we got home, Mum got out my baby bath and filled it with water so that I could wash myself off. I didn’t manage to get off all the mud so Mum then got out her hosepipe and hosed the rest of me down. I didn’t like that much, but I loved getting toweled down afterwards.

Meanwhile I’ve been getting a lot of “stay” training and now I even stay until she says “okay” when Mum puts down my dinner. I’m pretty good at staying when I’m sitting or lying down, but I can’t seem to get the hang of standing and staying, which we have to do at GSD training class. I’m still bad at walking on the lead, and keep on pulling. Mum walks me on a loose lead outside, but I’m no good in class or with other dogs around.  I’m not very good at waiting at Mum’s side either. I keep wanting to wait in front of her. Some of my classmates will be going up a class next week, but not me or my mate Barney. We’ve both got to stay in the beginner’s class until we get our exercises right 😦 Ah well, at least I’m meeting more dogs that have joined us from the intake class. Some of them are very little, and I’m good with them, but I’m still bad on my walks when we meet other dogs. I just want to run off and play with them, but Mum won’t let me.

My favourite exercise is still doing my slalom along the posts on one of my walks. I’m good at that, but we don’t do that yet at GSD training. I’ve been watching Crufts agility and I’d really like to do that when I’m better in my training class. We went to our GSD training field one frosty Sunday morning where they had a load of jumps, hoops to jump trough, a tunnel and a long ramp. I was getting quite good at doing the agility training, but we had to go after a while. It’s a long way for us to go, but Mum says if it’s a nice day we might go again tomorrow 🙂


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