DSCF4783I think I know how to get round my Mum.
I refuse to budge when she asks me to come
back indoors after she’s let me out for a pee.
Then she’ll get out my treats to give to me!


There’s a big cupboard in our kitchen that is supposed to be full of Mum’s kitchen equipment, but since I’ve been around Mum hasn’t done an awful lot of cooking, so that is where she stores my treats. I’ve got loads. They all serve different purposes. There’s a big bag of sausage rolls that a friend gave me for Xmas and I’m still working my way through them. Mum gives me one of them when she wants me to go back into my room. I know what to do without her asking me. As soon as she reaches into the bag, I go and do one of my good girl sits in my basket.

Then there are the Rewards. Mum puts them in her coat pocket when we go for a walk. Her coat now smells like a bacon factory! They are supposed to distract me when I see another dog so I don’t bark at it. They don’t work! However, if I do my slalom correctly I get one of them, sometimes two, and if I walk to heel properly I get one of them which I pull off the end of the stick shape they come in. To tell you the truth, I’m a bit bored with them, but Mum finds them easier to hold like that than a handful of treats when I go to training classes and need a lot of treats.

Mum also takes bits of cut up frankfurter sausage to training classes and pulls them out to tempt me when we have to do a new or difficult exercise. I really like them. Our trainer carries them around with her too, and every time she comes near me I expect to get one so I do everything she says properly for her. Mum gets cross that I won’t do it properly for her, but I’m used to her treats, and Mum is very boring to me or so our trainer says šŸ™‚

There are all sorts of other bags of different treats that Mum takes to training classes or uses to train me in the kitchen, but she makes me work very hard for them. I have to sit, lie down and stay, stay, stay….. Then she walks away, taking the treats with her and puts one on the floor the other side of the kitchen. I get a bit twitchy, but I’m not allowed to move until she gives me the say so to go and get it. All that for one little treat! I ask you! How mean is that?

When Mum goes out to work or anywhere for any length of time I get a Dentastick or a leather chew to munch on. They are supposed to placate me for her absence, but they only last me until she gets into her car and starts it. I just have to accept the fact that there is no point in me shouting my head off to get her attention after I have finished, because I know she won’t hear me and won’t be back for hours, so I just settle down to sleep until she comes home again.

Sometimes when Mum has been shopping she will bring me something she has bought, because she feels guilty that she has been away from me for so long, I suppose. I like that though, and I don’t even jump up at her to greet her because I’m too interested in the treat she has just given me. I especially like the bones, antlers and buffalo horns she brings me to gnaw on. They keep me occupied for hours!

Then there’s my tin of treats in my room. They are quite noisy treats in that tin, and very tasty. Mum is quite crafty. When she lets me out for a pee or something in the middle of the night, she won’t let me spend time having a scout about in my run. She just rattles the tin, and in I come. I wish I could ignore them, but it works every time, well apart from the time when there was a cat wandering around in our garden šŸ˜‰

Mum suggested I gave up my treats for Lent, whatever that is. She thinks that now I’m over ten months old I should do as I’m told without treats. What? No way!



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