Slalom, Seasonal Surgery, Snow and Silliness

Mother and daughter

Hello again everyone! That’s me with my birth mother Willow, when I was seven weeks old. I am now nine and three quarters months old and my life will never be fulfilled 😦

It’s been a while since I wrote anything because I’ve been a bit busy. It has been yet another eventful month.

GSD training started again after our Xmas and New Year break and Mum keeps me practicing the moves we have to make. One week we got the new move we had learned off to a tee at home, even when I was off my lead, but the next session we did not do that move again, and I got so confused that I did the new move all wrong! I was the worst in the class that week.

WP_20150208_16_45_08_ProHowever, I’m getting really good at “slalom”, zigzagging along a row of wooden posts on my walk. Mum just lets me on a long lead and says “left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right………..”, and I usually manage to “slalom” along the whole row of posts without making a mistake. I get a treat at the end if I do it right, and even if I do some of it wrong, which happens if I stop to sniff the post I’m passing. I bet they’ll be impressed if and when we have to do that at GSD training class!

Now, to get to the point of my statement that my life will never be fulfilled, I’m coming to the conclusion that humans just don’t understand dog language at all. In spite of the fact that I had tried to tell Mum that I wanted to have babies and was just getting ready to receive a prospective mate, she took me to the vet  last week for keyhole surgery to make sure I cannot produce any offspring 😦 Hadn’t Mum noticed how much I was sniffing lamp posts lately?

We had to go a long way in the car to a vet I’ve not been to before, because it is the only one in the area that does this kind of operation. They call it laparascopic spaying (lapspay for short). They only take away the ovaries, and leave the womb behind, which is supposed to cause far less trauma to the dog and has a more rapid recovery rate. When we arrived at the vet, they were prodding and poking me about to see if I was in season, but I wouldn’t stay still, and the vet couldn’t find any evidence that I was. I knew better though. They should have asked me! Mum apparently received a phone call from the vet when she got back to her office, to say that when they had anaesthetised me they discovered I actually was in season. The vet warned her that I might go through a false pregnancy and possibly become aggressive and protective towards my toys. However, Mum agreed to let them continue with the operation, as she didn’t want me to have to go through it all again a month or so later.


Don’t you dare laugh at me in my cone of shame

After Mum left me with the vets, I went to sleep for a long time and when I woke up they had shaved my tummy and there were two little holes in it, that had been stitched up. I felt a bit wobbly when Mum came to pick me up, but otherwise I had felt fine and had been walking about in the kennel they had put me in. The vet gave Mum a plastic cone to put on my head in case I licked my wound, but when she got home and put it on me I looked so sad that she took it off again. Mum decided to just keep her eye on me all that night and over the next few days to make sure I didn’t lick my wound. She kept me busy with my training in the kitchen and surrounded me with toys. I was very good and didn’t lick the wound at all. There was no way I was going to have that thing put back on my head again! I had laughed at a dog that had come into the vets with one on his head. I didn’t want to be laughed at.

Since my op, Mum thinks I’ve become a reformed character. She says I’ve quietened down a lot, although at first she thought it was because I’d been sedated. I’ve been clinging to her a bit though, and keep needing a cuddle and a tickle tum. I have been back to the vet for my post op check and everything is fine. Mum is very impressed that my recovery was so trouble free. Mum thinks everyone who wants to spay their dog should consider spending the extra on “lapspaying”.


What’s all that white stuff?

It’s been very cold and we’ve had a bit of snow here. It came the day after my surgery. I wondered what all the white stuff was when I looked out of the window. It all looked very pretty. When I went out in my run for a pee, I just wanted to eat the snow. I wished that I could go out and play in the park in it, but I had to be kept quiet while I recuperated from my surgery 😦 The snow soon melted though. The next day, after most of it had gone and Mum took me for a walk, there was a big patch left behind in a shady area on a grassy bit of land and Mum let me have a roll in it. That was fun 🙂 We had another sprinkle of snow the other day, but that didn’t last long.

Mum says I’m a wimp! I have a silly phobia. They’ve been putting in new lamp posts in our area and there are roadworks every few yards near our house now. There’s even some outside the front of our house. Mum has tried to get me to go close to them and sniff them, but I won’t. I’m very scared of them and won’t walk past them or anywhere near them. I just sit down and refuse to budge, so Mum has to take me in the car to somewhere where there aren’t any roadworks when we go for a walk.


Just three of the roadworks near my house. They are every few yards, set around both the old lamp posts and the new ones. Below are deep holes.

My phobia of roadworks all started a few weeks ago when we were walking through a bit of parkland near where we live.  I had my mind on other things, like sniffing to see which dogs had been in the area, and I didn’t notice the two blocks of roadworks with a gap in the middle, where our pathway used to be. Mum walked me through the gap between the two blocks, treading on the board that had been placed over a big hole. The board wobbled as we walked over it. I thought we were going to fall into the hole! I made a vow that there was no way I was ever going to walk over that again, or go anywhere near it. Next day when we walked through that bit of parkland I refused to walk through the gap and Mum and I had to walk all the way back again until we could find another route back home where there were no roadworks.

Anyway it is just as well that we go in the car to my walking area now. Mum has got to walk me away from where we live at the moment, in case any male dogs get my scent. The vet says that male dogs may still be interested in me for the next few weeks, and I might even be interested in them! Fat lot of use that would be now! I’ll never get to satisfy my maternal instinct 😦

Lexy’s Lament

I wanted to have a puppy,
I’d have liked a whole family
but Mum made a decision,
without my consultation.

I was still quite young yet
I was taken to the vet.
Away went my chance
of a doggy romance.

No studs for hire,
no frolicking
whilst choosing a sire
for my offspring.

I have to say
I hate the fact
that I am no
longer intact.

My heart is bleeding,
I’m no good for breeding.
I’m no longer sexy.
I’m just plain sexless Lexy 😦


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