Xmas and New Year

Lexy Xmas 2014 It has been a very exciting few weeks here in our house. First of all Mum decided to bring a tree into the lounge and put a load of twinkly lights all over it with lots of silver balls and tinsel. I wasn’t allowed to go near the tree though.Ā  Mum had moved all the furniture around so it was blocked off from me šŸ˜¦ Mind you, I managed to squeeze between the two sofas a few times and have a run around with Mum and Auntie in hot pursuit.

Mum had been shopping much more than usual and kept coming in with loads of bags full of stuff, not just food. She kept on hiding bags in the big kitchen cupboard where she keeps my treats, so I wondered if there were things in there for me.

One day a parcel arrived and Mum opened it. Inside was a smart new purple lead, collar and matching head collar for me. Mum likes purple I think because she has lots of purple coats. Next time we went out walking Mum put my new kit on me. I played difficult, as I usually do when she wants to put on my head collar. It’s a game really, like when I steal her shoes when she is changing them for her walking shoes. I bury my face in the corner of my basket so she cannot get at my nose and put on my head collar. Mum gets a bit cross when I do this, but she will not give up and eventually she manages to get the head collar on me. I liked this new head collar better than my old one at first, but it was too big for me and when we were out walking it kept riding up over my eyes. A few days later another parcel arrived and I had a smaller one which fitted much better.

WP_20141226_11_11_54_Pro 2It was really exciting when Xmas Day arrived. Mum and Auntie had lots of presents for me, and I was allowed to open one every now and again. I got lots of balls, squeaky toys and rope pulls. My favourite present was a very big bright pink tennis ball, but Mum will only let me play with it for a little while because I like to rip off the material around the ball. I also liked my new balls that light up. One is bright fluorescent green and the other is orange and flashes. I got another squeaky duck because my other three have lost their squeak. I also got some stockings full of treats, but I’m only allowed to have a couple at a time šŸ˜¦ Mum’s friend gave Mum a big bag full of sausage rolls for me which I get if I’ve been a good girl. I think I like Xmas šŸ™‚

On New Year’s Eve though I was locked in my room because Mum had food all over the place and her best china out. She was having a party, she said. I wasn’t invited! Lots of people arrived and some of them came to see me in my room with a treat, but they wouldn’t let me come into the kitchen with them because there was so much food lying around, and they thought I would steal it. As if! šŸ˜‰

My New Year’s resolution was to be a good girl for Mum and Auntie and I’ve been trying to be good most of the day, but I was a bit of a naughty girl tonight. I kept on yelling for more attention at bed time, even after I’d had fun most of the day with either Mum or Auntie. When I’m having a strop, usually Mum ignores me and so I start scratching the wall and the back door in temper. Trouble is, Mum also ignores me when I suddenly need to use the loo. She can’t seem to tell the difference between my shouting for attention and my shouting for her to open the back door for me. Some of my blankets will need a good wash tomorrow!

I can’t wait for tomorrow. Mum says the tree is going back outside and the lounge furniture is going back where it was, so I’m hoping I will be able to run around the lounge again. I managed to get loose in there today and saw that there are still some presents for me that I haven’t opened yet.


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