Dog Sitting

1604371_10152861199040781_3325865567005167967_nMy auntie has come over to stay with us for a month so I have some company during the day now when Mum is at work. The first day Mum went to work, while I was outside supposedly to use the toilet, I decided to dig a hole in the only bit of my run that hasn’t been slabbed.Ā  I got covered in mud. My poor auntie had to tie me up while she cleaned me up before Mum came home to see the mess I’d made.

Next day Mum was off work and I did the same thing again, so they went to buy some kerb stones to fill in the space down my alley way (my toilet area). Mum gave me a mini-bath because I was going to my GSD Xmas party in the evening. When she had finished I smelled like a powder puff! (I still do šŸ™‚ )

The next time Mum went to work, she was going to a works party afterwards so my Auntie took me for my evening walk. She thought I knew the way around all the streets where we live, so she let me lead the way. That was good, because I wanted to see where roads went that Mum and I have never been along before. I got my auntie well and truly lost, tee hee! šŸ˜‰ It took her ages to work out the way home again and we were out walking for an hour and a half. I slept well that night!


One thought on “Dog Sitting

  1. Hehe never let the dog lead – they will take uyou to all the areas they dont know rather than the ones they do!!! Too funny!!! Poor Auntie

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