Our Xmas Party

Watching the games wearing my antlers

Watching the games wearing my antlers

I’ve been too busy to post anything on my blog recently, but I must tell you all about my GSD training club Xmas party.

I had a fantastic time. I met lots more big GSD’s who were in the intermediate and advanced classes (I’m only a beginner). Lots of dogs and owners came in fancy dress, but Mum and I just wore something a bit Christmassy. I was wearing some silly antlers, but they were annoying me all evening and I kept trying to get them off.

We played lots of party games. We had to do a sort of slalom where Mum had to push a ball around with a badminton racket while we weaved in and out of a row of cones. Then we dogs had to be still and were out if we moved. One game was a bit scary as I had to put my paws on a wobbly disc, weave in and out of poles, then jump over a hurdle and finally stand on a stool, while Mum took a full glass of water to pour into the bucket at the end of the run. I was a bit scared of jumping the hurdle, so Mum is going to try to get me to do some jumps in my run over obstacles. Overall our team (Wet and Windy) won by a whisker. The other team (Slip and Slidey) came a valiant second. Then we watched the advanced class do a display. Mum and Auntie had a glass of punch and I had a lovely pressie to take home for Xmas. I was very tired afterwards and slept very well that night 🙂

We have lots of videos taken at the party, but I cannot post them on here. If you want to see them they are on my Facebook page.

There will be no more GSD training classes until January 6th but Mum and Auntie are making me practice things I have learned in class. Because my trainer thinks my head collar is too small, I’ve now got a brand new Dogmatic head collar,  with a matching collar and training lead. They are all purple to match Mum’s dog walking coats. I look very smart in them but I still don’t like wearing a head collar 😦

Mum and Auntie keep talking about Xmas and bringing in lots of shopping bags. There’s a pretty, twinkly Xmas tree in our lounge now, but it has been blocked off from me. I can see loads of presents under the tree and also on the hearth. I’ve chewed up most of my toys so I hope some of them are for me!



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