Oh no, November!

WP_20141028_09_14_33_ProI don’t think I like November much. It’s very noisy, damp and dark. There are lots of loud bangs outside. Last night there was one big bang just as I was eating my supper outside in my run. Mum told me not to worry though, and she took me indoors to play with my squeaky duck and other toys in the kitchen. I soon forgot about the loud noises outside when I stole her shoe and she had to chase me around to get it back. That was fun! šŸ˜‰

I hate these dark evenings, although at least I still get my morning walk in daylight and Mum comes home at lunchtime to give me another daylight walk on the days when she is at work. I prefer the days when she is off work and we can go out for a long walk in the sunshine. Most of my time has to be spent indoors now and I get quite bored. Mum plays with me a lot, but when she’s not there I just can’t resist getting up to mischief. Like the day when she went to answer the door, leaving the magazine she was reading on the kitchen table. I soon made short work of that! Mum came back less than five minutes later to find it in a thousand pieces, and I was just in the process of demolishing her table mat as well. Mum says I should have been named Devil’s White Hell, not Angel’s White Heaven!

Keeping myself white in this damp weather is a problem too. The park is very muddy now and when I run around I get covered in it, so I have to have a wash down every time when I get home. I’ve also found in my run somewhere else to dig. Most of the run has now been slabbed so I can’t dig, but there is still a little gravel strip down the alley way where I discovered I can now dig a deep hole down to the earth below the gravel. That bit cannot be slabbed because rain water has to run off somewhere, te-he šŸ˜‰ Mum’s racking her brains wondering how to deal with that.

Pausing for a breather on our walk

Pausing for a breather on our walk

Since my last posting I have stopped going to the puppy social club in the park for a run around with my mates because Mum says I was too hyper, and kept getting covered in mud when I was rolling over. One day I was chased by one of the big GSD’s and I ran out of the park to get away from him. Then later after Mum had walked me I met another GSD friend on the way back through the park and he also chased me until I ran out of the park. Mum decided that it would be better if I joined a GSD social walking group, and walked sedately on a lead until I had learned to control my over exuberance. I had my first walk with lots of other GSD’s in our local country park a couple of weeks ago. My GSD friend Harry was also there. I barked a lot when I met all the dogs, but eventually I calmed down when we all set off on our walk. I was at the back at first, but I pulled so hard Mum decided it was better if I walked at the front. I was quite good after that. Today was supposed to be our social walk again but it’s tipping down šŸ˜¦ Ugh November!

My GSD training classes have not been very successful. I am still unruly when I go there. Mum got told off because she couldn’t hold my attention. There are so many other interesting things for me to look at, like the other dogs and the training ladies. I enjoy being bad there because the training ladies keep coming over to me and give me more treats to make me be good. We have got to practise walking to heel on a loose lead. I was terrible at that in class, but Mum is now making me wear a halti to prevent me from tugging her along. I strenuously resisted wearing it at first, but eventually I had to submit grudgingly. Now Mum and I walk sedately along the streets.Ā  Life’s just not much fun any more šŸ˜¦




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