Being 6 months old

It's my 6th month old birthday today and I'm being good :)

It’s my 6th month old birthday today and I’m being good 🙂

This week I was six months old and Mum says I’ve now got to act like a grown up dog 😦 I started well and did everything Mum said in the morning, and I was allowed in the lounge for quite a long time.

It was not such a good start to my “grown up dog” age later though.

For a start, it rained all day and I was confined to my quarters for a long time. Mum took me for a walk when the rain eased off a bit, but we only walked around the blocks and didn’t go to the park where I could run around off the lead and let off some steam. I couldn’t even play fetch in my run because it was so wet and Mum had blocked off the uncovered area. I was bored, bored, bored!

That night Mum went to bed just before midnight and I was still full of pent up energy. I did try to sleep when it was dark, but by the time it got light Mum hadn’t come down to let me out to use the loo.  Mum has managed to toilet train me up until now but I just couldn’t wait any longer…… what a mess! How awful to be stuck in the room with all that around me.

I was soooo bored too. I looked around my room to see if there was anything I could reach to play with that I hadn’t played with before. It was then that I spotted some of Mum’s books in the bookcase behind my basket. Maybe if I stood on my tippy toes I would be able to reach them. Yes! I tried to pull out some of the books but they were all wedged tight, but I managed to reach a book that was lying loose on the top of the others. It was a very old book all about antiques, probably one Mum had inherited from her mother. I looked at the pictures, but they were all very boring to me so I started to rip. That was fun. Rip, rip, rip.

So that was how I spent my 6 month birthday night. When Mum came down I put on my best contrite face but funnily enough she was not amused. She grudgingly cleared up all the mess I had made and then cleared out all of the books from my room.  What will I find to do next time I’m bored?

That day the weather was better and we went for a nice long walk and I was quite tired when we went to GSD training. I get very excited there but Mum kept feeding me treats to try to keep me quiet when the other dogs moved about. She’s obviously not been doing a very good job of training me because I seem to behave much better when trainers come over to me. Or is it because I prefer their treats? Next time Mum’s going to take some chopped up garlic sausage. Yum yum. I can’t wait.

I don’t think I’m quite ready to be a grown up doggy yet Mum!


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