A busy life

??????????????????????????????? I’ve been too busy to update my blog much recently. Mum’s daughter has been staying with us and we’ve been out and about a lot. I’ve met some lovely new friends over in the park. Now our doggy social club consists of Me and Mollie, my best friend, with her housemate little Maggie, Harry GSD, little Harry Lab, Storm GSD, Cooper Spaniel, and now I’ve met Simba, a lovely Husky, and her housemate Jasmine, another GSD. We all run around chasing each other until we are tired out, although Jasmine is a bit nervous still. Mum has nearly walked my legs off on the days when there have been no dogs over there for me to play with.

I’ve been to GSD training three times now, although I don’t always remember what I’m supposed to do when I’m out and about, as I still bark a lot at other dogs when I meet them. I really like the trainer because she comes and gives me sausage bites, so I always do what I should when she’s around.

Mum and Auntie have taken loads of videos of me playing with my friends, and photos of me which are in my Gallery 5-6 months old. I cannot put the videos on my blog, which is a shame, but some of them are on my Facebook profile.

I love it when my auntie is here because I have two people at home to play with me. I’ve been really worn out when I go to bed and have slept all night without needing to use the loo. Mum’s really pleased with my toilet training.

I’ve been allowed in the lounge for a lot longer since Auntie has been here but I still cannot stay calm for long, so when I get naughty I have to go back in my room with a chew. Last night I came in the lounge when it was dark outside and I saw this other dog like me outside the patio doors. I barked and barked at it but it wouldn’t go away and just copied everything that I did. Mum and Auntie thought it was really funny. Then today, when I came in the lounge again I kept seeing the other dog behind some of Mum’s glass cabinets and the TV, but I couldn’t find it when I looked behind the TV. The dog outside the patio doors was still there, but it looked very faint, almost like a ghost. I gave up trying to be friends with it.

I’m 6 months old on Monday and I’m really looking forward to next week’s activities with Mum and Auntie.




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