At the kennels and GSD training classes

I’ve not had much of a chance to write my journal over the past few weeks. I have been very busy.

Why did you go away so long and leave me in kennels?

Why did you go away so long and leave me in kennels?

Firstly I have been on holiday at the kennels, but before I went I had to go to the vet for a check up and weigh in. I was 18kg. Mum thinks I weigh a lot more now, and said the kennels must have been feeding me on spinach! Going to the kennels was quite good, as I met lots of new dogs and the girls looking after me played with me a lot, but I missed my mum and I didn’t like being alone at night in my kennel. When Mum came to pick me up she said I’d grown much bigger and had changed colour, because I got a bit stained by the bark in the play area that I was digging holes in, and looked a bit beige.

I was glad to get home though and had a good old sniff around to make sure nothing had been changed in my run. Apart from realising that I could dig big holes in the gravel area in my run, I tried to be very good for the first few days I was back home in case Mum took me back to the kennels again. I never peed on my newspaper during the night for four whole nights.  Mum decided not to bother putting paper down any more after a couple of nights, as all I did was rip it up.

Mum spent three days at home with me after I got back from the kennels. Mum spent time doing the garden. I helped her prune what I could reach from my run and was digging for weeds in my run while she was weeding the garden. Then we went for lots of walks, but I never saw any of my friends. Then she took me to GSD training classes, which were held in a big hall. There were lots of GSD’s of all sizes there, including a boy dog that looked like me. Mum thought he might be my brother, but he was two weeks younger than me and came from Yorkshire. He was very well behaved. I wasn’t.

I barked at every dog that came in, and the teacher lady kept telling Mum she should hold my attention when new dogs came in. We practiced our sits and lie downs, then we had to lie on our blankets, leave a dish that was put on the floor, and sit again in front of our owners, facing in, then facing out. We had a tug toy to hold our attention, but it didn’t work with me as I was bored with my toy, so the trainer lady gave Mum a different one to use. I was very excited and naughty but I don’t think I was the worst dog there though. There was a little black and tan pup who wasn’t being very good either, but he was very young. The silly thing is that I do all these things properly at home on my own, but I cannot concentrate in a room full of other dogs. Mum went through a whole packet of treats that night, so I’m looking forward to next week.

There were two big dogs that couldn’t join in the exercises we were doing. They just had to keep coming into the room and sit with their owners to get used to being with other dogs. Mum thinks that will be what they’ll do with me soon.

The next day Mum went back to work again and I was so upset that I peed all over the floor in the morning and chewed a cupboard shelf in my room. Mum didn’t give up and put paper down again, so I had no paper to chew up in my frustration, so it was the shelf that got it. I’m bored with all my toys.

This is "Squeak", my favourite toy

This is “Squeak”, my favourite toy

One day while Mum was at work I decided to rip up my favourite squeaky toy I’ve had since I was little. Mum usually takes it away when she’s not there, but she forgot that day. She has now bought me a plastic squeaky pig to replace it…..”Squeak, Piggy, Squeak” and also a big grown up doggy bone to chew on. I’ve got loads of chewy things, but I prefer chewing on rocks, doorsteps and cupboards! Since my last posting I’ve lost my baby teeth. The last two came out just after I got back from the kennels. Mum kept one as a souvenir, but she couldn’t find the other one. Mum’s glad the needle teeth are gone because she says my play bite is not so sharp now. Not that she lets me play bite, but I still try to do it all the time.

On Friday night Mum took me for my evening walk and I met Harry GSD over in the park. We had a bit of a run around but started to argue a bit with each other so we had to go back on our leads. Harry went back home and Mum was going to carry on walking out of the park but just as we were leaving I spotted my best friend Mollie coming in the other side of the park. Mum let me go back to play with her.

Mollie seems to have got smaller and furrier since I last saw her, but Mum said it is me that has got bigger, not Mollie smaller. We are nearly the same size now. We had a good old run around together then Storm,  a two year old GSD cross, came into the park. He felt a bit outnumbered at first, but eventually joined in with us chasing each other around. Mum was told at GSD training that we shouldn’t be playing rough games like this, because if we knock into each other it could cause hip dysplasia or something. But it is sooo much fun.

I think Mum’s a bit fed up with me because I overheard her telling someone on the phone that she wanted to send me back where I came from and trade me in for a well behaved two year old dog. Since I’ve been back from the kennels I’ve been a bit naughty on my walks and have been barking and rearing up at every dog I meet. Well, that’s what all the dogs did in the kennels anyway, so what is wrong with that?  Mum had a bad leg yesterday and had to hold onto a lamp post when other dogs came along in case I pulled her over, and now she doesn’t want to walk me where there are other dogs. I think maybe we’ll be going somewhere quiet in the car today.  I’ll have to practice my “walk nicely” all the time.  Well that will be no fun at all! 😦



One thought on “At the kennels and GSD training classes

  1. The idea of your mum hanging onto a lampost is very good Lexy! Only trouble is, if there are no lamposts you could cause mum some real damage and that would be a major problem 🙂 Oh Lexy its all ok and you’ll calm down into a nice calm GSD in a year or so hehehe

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