Meeting loads more friends

I'm trying to catch Mollie and get my ball

I’m trying to catch Mollie and get my ball

It’s been a week of socialising almost every evening. If there are no dogs over in the park Mum always takes me on a much longer walk, but I find that a bit boring as I like to meet people and other dogs. Mum says I need the exercise though, and she likes to walk, so I go along with it for a while, then sit down looking back pointedly. Mum takes no notice of my desire to go back and I have to carry on walking with her on a long lead. She lets me off the lead a few times in areas where I can’t get up to much mischief, and I have a mad run round for a few minutes chasing things Mum throws, but it’s not as much fun as running around with my best friend Mollie. I found a carcase of a dead animal in one area though, and ran off with it, refusing to drop it when Mum told me to. Mum won’t let me off there any more 😦

One day I never saw any dogs all the way around our walk until just as we were walking home along the leafy lane, when I met a very tiny Apricot Poodle who was actually the same age as me! He was soooo small. His owners let him come over to me and say hello. They were a bit nervous at first, but I behaved myself because I was a bit tired, and only did one little bark at him. His owners, who looked the same age as Mum, told her that it was their first dog ever and that they were finding him hard to deal with. They said he wasn’t very good at nights, and cried a lot. Mum’s lucky she’s got me then, not him. I’m always good at nights, although I still have to use my newspaper.

One evening I met Mollie and Maggie just as Mum and I were walking sedately up our road. Both of them came running out of their garden at the top of our cul-de-sac and dashed down the road to see me. It’s a good job there were no cars driving along at the time! We all went down to the park together. When we got inside the gates of the park there were a couple of big GSD’s over the other side. One of them was a white one like me. Mollie’s mum let Mollie off the lead and she started to run over to them but we were a bit disappointed when their owners put the GSD’s on their leads and walked out of the park.That’s not fair. I wanted to meet them. Mum said that maybe they were not very sociable dogs, and that I should be careful of them.

Mollie and I had a good run around together. I was trying to get Mollie’s stick off her, but I can never quite catch her. Then when she dropped it I grabbed it and ran off with it and she chased me. When she caught up with me she pushed me over, and I got all covered in green. Mum said she should have bought a black dog! 😦 Next thing we knew another dog came into the park. It was the Cavalier who lives down the road and always barks at me from his window when Mum and I go past. We found out his name is Cooper, and as Mollie is already his friend, he made friends with me too.

A couple of evenings ago Mum took me on a long walk around the local parkland, and we were just coming back through the woods on the other side of the brook when I spotted Mollie over the other side in the park. Round about the same time she spotted me too, and ran off out of the park, along the path by the road and came into the woodland area to meet me. Her mum was very cross that she had run out of the park. I don’t know what all the fuss was about because Mollie was eager to see me, so it was obvious she wasn’t going to run out into the road.

Last night I had a fabulous run around the park again with Mollie. A couple of other puppies came along and joined in. We met Harry, a very big 14 month old GSD and Harry a very tiny 15 weeks old black Labrador. Big Harry was a bit scared at first, but even cute little Harry joined in with our game of chase. Our little Maggie, Mollie’s housemate, is quite old and will never run around with us but little Harry quickly made doggie friends with her, even at his age! Eventually Mollie and I were very tired and had to have a lie down. Then we all went home again and Mollie and I met two golden Labradors in the leafy lane, but only one of them would come and talk to us.

I really like all this social life I’m getting. Roll on my Saturday social walk today 🙂

P.S. As it happened, I never met any dogs on my Saturday walk. 😦  However, on Sunday morning Harry was in the park and we had a lovely run around together.


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