My New Squeaky Shoe

I really love my new squeaky boot, Mum

I really love my new squeaky boot, Mum

Mum went to Pets at Home last night because I needed a bigger basket. My cushion is too small for the new basket, but Mum won’t buy me a new one in case I chew it up. This week I’ve been dragging the cushion out of the old little basket and plonking it in the middle of my floor because I felt squashed in my little basket. Mum was cross at that. She said that it might get wet on the newspaper I have down at night to pee on. It’s in the washing machine now, with my blankets and towels. I can see it spinning around in there.

This is my third basket in as many months! However, this one is as big as Mum’s old dog’s basket, so she hopes it will last me for the rest of my life. Personally I doubt it. Tee hee! Her old dog’s basket is very chewed and cracked (no – not done by me) but she says it survived three dogs, although one of them was a wimpy well-behaved Irish Setter who never did anything wrong. Pah! A likely story! She couldn’t have been much fun, could she? 😉

Mum also bought me a squeaky boot to play with. I loved it, but I very soon ripped the bootlace off it, then pulled out the squeaky sock that was stuffed inside it and ripped up the cotton wool it was stuffed with. Mum said the toy was dangerous and shouldn’t be sold like that. She worried that I would choke on the cotton wool or swallow the bootlace, or even hang myself with it. As if! How daft does she think I am? I think she must have thrown everything “dangerous” away because I can’t find the rest of the squeaky sock thing inside the boot that I was playing with, nor the bootlace, so now all I have left is an empty boot with no squeak 😦

Mum spoils all my fun like that. One day I’ve got a special toy, like a plastic lemonade bottle that made a lovely lot of noise as I dragged it around my run. Then the next time I try to find it, it has disappeared. Mind you, most of my proper toys are still intact, surprisingly enough. But Mum keeps hiding them, then they appear again a few days later. I hope she doesn’t hide my new boot. I’ve chewed up three of her old shoes and there’s only a little bit left of two of them. I’m now trying to work out how to reach her walking shoes that are in my room, but she keeps putting everything up higher and higher. 😉


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