What a week!

I'm lying here nicely waiting for my treat. What do you mean I can't have a lamb bone? That's not fair!

I’m lying here nicely waiting for my treat. What do you mean I can’t have a lamb bone? That’s not fair!

This week it’s got cold. Not that I feel cold, but Mum does, so she’s not been sitting out in the garden with me much.  She’s even had her heating on. It’s been okay for our walks though, cos Mum prefers it cool when we go for a walk. Then today it has been tipping down again. This time Mum was prepared for it though and has had a roof installed over the bit of my run that is near to the house, so that I can sit outside on the doorstep and not get wet. What she forgot to do though was to put a roof over my toilet area, so I still get wet when I have to use the loo. 😦 Mum says she might get a small roof put over part of it when the men come back to put guttering around the roof to drain into our water tub. I had been locked in all afternoon while they were building the structure. When the men had finished putting the roof on Mum hosed down all the muddy area and then let me out at last. I was really glad to be out and when I found the wet concrete around the posts I just had to dig it up. I started to eat it, but Mum took it away from me. Then I had a good roll in it. After that Mum had to get out the baby bath so I could wash myself off again because I was covered in mud. Three baths full of water later I was clean again, but soaked, so Mum had to towel me dry. That was fun. That will teach her to lock me in all day.

I’ve been a bit naughty this week and I have been cutting down Mum’s clematis and jasmine that are growing over her trellis around my run. I can just get my teeth round the wire netting to get at it, even though Mum has put another grid in front of it. Well it will save her having to do it when it gets too big, won’t it? I’ve also ripped up the doormat so Mum and I can’t wipe our feet before we go into my room from my wet run. Mum keeps having to mop the floor instead. She did try putting a carpet runner on the floor, but I started to rip that up too, so she took it away. She says I am the daughter of the Devil. No I’m not. I’m the daughter of Willow and Yogi.

Mum had a party at our house the other day. Mum was vacuuming in the morning, so my morning nap was disturbed. Lots of people came and it was very noisy, so I never got any sleep all afternoon either. They had lots of nice food, but never gave me any 😦 It’s not fair that all I get is dog food!

Halfway through the party disaster struck. Mum’s friend was leaning over the dog gate between the kitchen and my room to pet me when the gate gave way and she fell through and landed on me! I yelped and ran out into my run. The lady just lay on the floor with the gate and my basket under her for a little while, but she was alright. My basket wasn’t. Mum will definitely have to buy my bigger basket now. When she managed to get up the lady sat with Mum and I out in my run under the new roof for a little while until we had all recovered our composure. After everyone had gone home from the party, Mum was too tired to take me for a walk that evening, so instead she was playing fetch with me in my run until I got very tired. Finally I got my supper, and slept well all night after that. Mum put my broken basket inside her old dog’s big chewed up basket, so I was still nice and cosy.

Mollie's got MY ball on a rope

Mollie’s got MY ball on a rope

Yesterday Mum took me on a long walk through our parks and just as we were on our way home down the leafy lane I spotted my friend Mollie (the Old English Sheepdog pup with a haircut). Mum let me go back to the park and have a run around with Mollie. She had a big stick and I was chasing her to try and get it, but I was a bit tired after my long walk and I couldn’t catch her. Although Mollie is a year old I am nearly as big as her now, and if I hadn’t been so tired I would have got it off her. Then I found a stick of my own, so Mollie chased me and stole it off me. I couldn’t be bothered to chase her any more so I gave up and had a lie down. Then four young Tibetan Spaniels came into the park. They were barking a lot at us, which was a bit unnerving to me so I stood close to Mum. She put me on a lead just in case there was going to be any trouble. When we got home I was really tired again, so Mum let me off my training session. I had my supper and soon was zedding away. Mum’s a bit of a nuisance though because she keeps waking me up when her camera flashes. Then she makes me go out into my run, hoping I’ll do a pee or something. Sometimes I do, sometimes I just sit on the doorstep until she lets me in again.

Today has been an indoor day because it has rained all day. I spent ages with Mum in the kitchen trying to help her to get her dinner ready, but Mum was very ungrateful and kept telling me to get down from off the work surfaces. Well I can’t reach the vegetables to help her if I’m on the floor, can I? Mum thought I was very good while she was eating her dinner though because I was lying down by her side, and didn’t try to jump up very much. I remembered my training. If I lie down I get a treat, don’t I? Mum had a big lamb bone on her plate that smelt divine. I waited patiently for my treat. Mum finished her dinner and all I got was some left over gravy! She said lamb wasn’t good for my tummy and the bone might choke me. It’s just not fair! Doesn’t she realise that dogs in the wild eat bones?

After that Mum let me have half an hour in the lounge with her. I was very good, but it was soooo hard. I had a good old sniff around to see who had sat where at the party the other day. I jumped up on the chair and had a look out of the window. Mum didn’t seem to mind that, but when I tried to jump up on the two settees Mum yelled at me. Every time I touched something Mum would yell “No!” I was so fed up with hearing it I decided to behave. Then Mum started getting restless and said she thought I should go out again for a pee. When I came back in she’d shut the dog gate so I lay down for a sleep on my blanket in disgust. I hadn’t really had much of a morning snooze as Mum kept disturbing me.  I wish Mum had given me that lamb bone… I wish it would stop raining… I wish Mum would trust me… I wish I could learn to be a good dog then I could stay in with her longer… ah well, I suppose I will be good one day. Maybe I’ll be a better girl tomorrow… zzzzzzzzzzzz



2 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. poor Lexy! I’m so sorry for falling through your gate and on top of you – tell mum she needs one with more strength in it hehehehehe – I think you’re wonderful and so gentle to cuddle. Well done and Lexy – your mum loves a challenge – so don’t get too good too fast eh 🙂

  2. I forgive you for squashing me lol 🙂 I promise not to get too good too fast. I’m practicing being bad with my friend Mollie 😉

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