Playing and Training

I'm a bit too tired to remember all these commands. Just give me my dinner and let's be done with it!

I’m a bit too tired to remember all these commands. Just give me my dinner and let’s be done with it!

Phew! I’m tired tonight. First of all Mum took me miles out of our way on my walk, and it was ages before I recognised familiar territory. I thought she would at least give me my dinner after that, but no! She decided I was tired enough to let into the lounge for a while thinking I wouldn’t charge around like a looney. It worked at first, but I still couldn’t resist having a fight with Mum’s silly fur dog first. I gave it a good shaking but then Mum made me be gentle with it. Why? It can’t feel anything, it doesn’t squeak. I went a bit mad after that and then I decided to jump up on the chair that silly dog sits on and have a look out  of the window. Mum didn’t seem to mind me doing that, although she won’t let me sit on either of the nice big settees.

After that Mum decided to go and water the garden. I was a bit peeved that she still hadn’t given me my dinner, so I had a mad charge around my room and run. Mum took no notice of that. What do I have to do to get some attention?

Then when she came in she decided to give me a training session, which she does nearly every night. It’s a very boring routine, I have to sit, lie down and stay while she walks out of the kitchen with my treats in her hand. Most of the time I managed it, but I was getting so tired and I was hungry, so the last time I apparently was a dismal failure, or so Mum said. She at least made me do something easier after that so I did actually get my treat when she told me to lie down, roll over and have a tickle tum. I like that exercise.

Finally I got my dinner, but not until I had done my sit at least three times. Then she locked me out for ages waiting for me to use the loo when all I wanted to do was go to sleep in my nice comfy basket. It’s a hard life being a puppy!



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