Four months old and getting bigger

Methinks it's time you bought me a bigger basket, Mum

Methinks it’s time Mum bought me a bigger basket

It’s been a funny old week since my last post. It’s not been very eventful, but time seems to have flown by. Mum has been carrying on with my training. I now have definitely mastered the art of sitting before I get my food.  I will sit usually whenever Mum tells me to. I’m also quite good at lying down when she tells me. Now I’m a lot bigger she is trying to stop me jumping up at her. I think I have finally realised that I get more attention if I don’t. Most of the time I remember, and I sit pointedly in front of her instead, waiting for her to make a fuss of me. I don’t always remember though, and then she shouts “No!” at me and ignores me.

Mum says that now I am four months old I should behave like a grown up doggy, not a puppy. She wants me to calm down, so I can come into the sitting room with her but I get so excited when I see her it’s hard to be calm. Mum has been letting me into the sitting room for ten minutes or so each day, but I get very excited and run round like a mad thing at first, grabbing anything that I can reach, then leap into Mum’s chair or onto the settees. Mum doesn’t like that and I have to go out again. Today though I was very good and sat at Mum’s feet for quite a while the second time she let me in. Mum then gave me a lot of fuss, so I rolled over while she tickled my tummy.

I’m trying not to bite Mum when she’s petting me or brushing me, but now and again I forget she is so delicate and I think I hurt her,  cos she says “Ouch!” and gets cross with me.

Mum has left my crate in the car which means there is more space in my room. Mum puts my blanket on the floor by the kitchen door so I can stretch out because my basket is now really too small for me again. This is my second basket. Mum says she’s going to buy a full size one next time, even if it is too big for me now.

Mum now takes me on long walks during the day when she’s at home or in the evening when she is at work, and lets me off the lead in the park for a little while. I met Mollie over the park the other day, but it was at the end of my walk and I was tired, so I didn’t run around with her for very long before I had to lie down for a breather. After these long walks I’m quite tired and usually I manage to sleep most of the night, hardly messing my room at all. I’m quite good in the mornings too after my walk around the block before Mum goes to work, but not so good in the afternoons because I’ve not really had enough time to let off steam after lunch before she goes back to work.  One day I was a very bad girl and threw all the water out of my water bowl all around the room, then ripped up all the newspaper on the floor, just to show Mum I was not happy to be left again. Another day, after I’d thrown my water all over the newspaper, I chewed her door step and got covered in printing ink off the wet newspapers I was lying on while I did it. I had black elbows!

I’m bad, aren’t I? Maybe if I keep being bad Mum will give up work and stay at home with me. 😉

Basket 1 when I was nine weeks old and now at four months old basket 2 is too small


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