Rain and wind!

Mum, is it okay if I use the newspaper on the floor today instead?

Mum, is it okay if I use the newspaper on the floor today instead?

After my exciting day yesterday I had a bit of a deli-belly, probably because I stole under-ripe apples off a tree, so Mum said I should have a quiet day at home with her today and she cancelled her day out with her friends.  She didn’t get up until late, at about 8.30am, then stayed in her pj’s half the day.  I must admit I too was still tired from yesterday. I had used my newspaper on the floor, but apart from that my room was very tidy.

The awful thing though was that it was absolutely tipping down with rain most of the morning so I couldn’t go out when I needed to use the loo. I absolutely hate it when it rains and I get wet. I slept a lot instead, and waited until the rain abated.  I have never seen so much rain! I know I live on an estate with roads that are named after rivers, but I didn’t expect to be actually living on the banks of a river like I was today!

Lunchtime was good because Mum had only just cooked my chicken, and she gave me some warm chicken and rice, “to settle my tummy” she said. I like it better when it’s warm. I would have liked to have had the lamb bone that was left after she ate her own lunch. It smelled divine, but she said I was too young to have a proper bone. Huh! That’s so unfair!

We had a thunderstorm, but I was eating my lunch at the time and didn’t take much notice of it.  Then the sun came out, but not for long. Mum and I had a bit of a play in my yard, but then I went to sleep again. Then the wind started. Mum said it was the tail end of Hurricane Bertha, but it was very annoying because it kept waking me up. I just wanted to sleep and sleep.

Mum said the weather would be okay by the evening and we could go for a walk later, so I grabbed as many shut eyes as I could before then. I had the feeling she was planning to take me on a long walk again! Doesn’t she realise that puppies need their rest?

tomatoesMum’s tomato house in my run blew down in the wind. She had to go and rescue all the green tomatoes. I offered to help, but she locked me in my room. 😦 She put the green tomatoes on the kitchen window sill to ripen, but she doubts if they will, so she’s looking for recipes for green tomato chutney and the like now. Good thing Mum has a good sense of humour. She laughed about it all but, mind you,  she did have a glass of wine or two with her lunch! At least there is more room in my run now. 🙂

It’s been a bit of an eventful weekend.  Apart from all that has happened which I have described above and on my previous post,  I pinched the key to the back door and I cannot remember where I put it. Good thing she’s got spares! Now Mum’s lost the wire that connects her laptop with her phone. She’s just wondering what can happen next! 😉


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