An Eventful Day

I really should look before I leap!

I really should look before I leap!

Every day I seem to be doing something new, and having new experiences, but I think today capped it all so far.

The day started well, after having spent a miserable evening last night indoors because it kept raining. Mum and I went to see if the Saturday morning social club was out and about in the park, but no-one else came so we did the big circuit around two parks instead, and came back via the first park to see if anyone had turned up yet and lo and behold there was a little GSD puppy playing fetch with her owners. She was a lot smaller than me, only three months old and her name was Bella. She still had ears that didn’t stand up right. Her brother was playing with two other people across the brook in another bit of the park. He looked a lot bigger than Bella.  I wanted to join Bella playing chase, but Mum said I was too boisterous and wouldn’t let me off the lead at first. But after she had chatted to Bella’s owners for a little while she let me have a run around with Bella. That was fun.

When we got back home I was quite tired, but it wasn’t long before Mum put my lead back on and was going to take me out to the car. I made it be known that I didn’t want to go by lying down in the hallway and refusing to go out of the front door, but Mum made me, and carried me into the car and put me into my crate. Pah! She won’t be able to do that for much longer! I wondered where we were going, but it was only to the vet. Again, I refused to go in, so Mum had to carry me in.

When it was my turn, the nice lady I saw last time put me on the scales. I’ve put on a lot of weight since last time. I was 10kg four weeks ago, but now I’m 14.5kg. The vet then ran her scanner over me, but couldn’t find my microchip, so I had to have it again. Ouch! That hurt this time, and I yelled. It didn’t hurt last time.

We hadn’t been home long when Mum’s friend arrived and Mum took me back out to the car and put me in the crate again. Where to now? I wondered. I was counting the bends and I thought at first we were going back to the GSD training ground, but no. We carried on and suddenly we were at the first house I went to after I left my first home and we were at a garden party. Everyone wanted to play with me and Mum let me run around the garden. It’s a big garden with lots of trees and plants. I sneaked an apple off one of the trees when no-one was looking. One of Mum’s friends was following me around the garden but I was too quick for her and shot around the back of the shed and round again. Suddenly I found myself in the pond. It was horrible and wet, full of lilies and things and my feet didn’t feel like they were on the ground, but I kept on running and got out of the other side.

I was all wet, black and smelly. I heard Mum scream and ran to her, shaking myself to get dry. She had cream trousers on and very soon she was as black as me! Uncle Don went to find his hosepipe and turned it on to hose me down, but I wasn’t having any of that! I hate that. Mum asked if he had a baby bath, and soon he found one and Mum put me in it while Uncle Don and Mum were trying to wash off the mud and silt. They had to change the water three times, but I still wasn’t clean. Uncle Don found some old towels to dry me with and to rub off a bit of the mud.  He thought that the dirt would brush out when I was dry. Mum went and got my crate and put me in it while I had a snooze and while they had their party food. By the time they had finished I had dried off and Mum decided it would be best if she took me home and gave me a proper bath.

That in itself is another new experience. I thought Mum would get out my baby bath and put me in that, but she made me go upstairs and she lifted me into her big bath. I howled a lot, but eventually I decided I rather liked the warm water and lay down in it while Mum washed me clean. Then came the towels. Loads of them. I like being toweled and really enjoyed that bit. When I was more or less dry Mum had to carry me downstairs because I was too scared to go down by myself. She hung all the sheets and towels out on the line to dry and went to get her hair drier. I was scared of the noise and kept shrieking, but it was rather pleasant feeling warm air blowing my fur and soon I was dry.

The day is nearly over now. It’s getting dark and I’ve had my supper. I think I will sleep well tonight dreaming about all my new experiences. I think I might think twice before I run into a pond again. What a palaver! I wonder what tomorrow will bring?






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