GSD Dog Training

GSD DisplayLast night I went to see some GSD’s being trained at our local GSD training club. I didn’t like the journey there. I didn’t know where we were going or why, and I was sick in the car. When we got there it was out of doors in a big field, and just after we went down to meet the people it started to rain. Then it poured and I got soaked. So did Mum. She took me back to the car and put me back in my crate until the rain stopped, then we went down again to meet everyone.

I met some nice people and some nice grown up dogs, including a white GSD like my dad. One of the ladies taught me how I would get a treat from her if I sat, but not if I jumped up at her. It didn’t take me long to figure out I was better off sitting! Then she taught me to lie down to get my treat. Mum has got to keep up this when she gets home because when I actually join the puppy training class in September, I will be a week behind the others. Mum is on holiday on the day of the first lesson.

duston-dog-display-teamThe training club I will be going to does GSD displays, and the grown up dogs do all sorts of agility stuff like jumping through hoops on fire. I hope when I am older I will be able to join in with some of their activities. I’d better learn what to do quickly when our puppy class starts.

I traveled much better on the way home, and wasn’t sick this time, because I knew I was going home. I was thinking about all the fun I had at the training club, watching the big dogs. I was still wet and soggy when we got home, so Mum toweled me down before I had my dinner. I was starving because, knowing I was going in the car later, Mum hadn’t given me lunch.Ā  It had been an exciting evening for me and I was tired. I slept well all night.

Today Mum has been trying to get me to sit when I get my dinner. She wouldn’t let me have it while I was jumping up at her, and was feeding me one tiny bit at a time, but only when I sat down. Eventually I gave in and sat down so she would put my dish on the floor.

Mum has also been trying to get me to wear a Halti head collar today. I didn’t like it and I struggled a lot, then tried to get it off my head. I kept putting part of it in my mouth and biting it. After that Mum tried me with a Dogmatic head collar which her old dog wore. That was more comfortable but it was too big for me, so Mum says she’s going to have to wait until I get bigger before she buys me one. Mum tried me with the Halti again, even tried coaxing me to walk with it on by holding treats in front of my nose. I gave in a couple of times, but then I lay down and refused to move. Mum decided I was getting upset about it, so she gave up in the end. She says I’m going to have to spend five minutes every day wearing it until I get used to it. That’s what she thinks! I’m NOT going to give in on this. šŸ˜‰

I've been doing my best sits to get treats, but I've still got the mark on my nose that the Halti made

I’ve been doing my best sits to get treats, but I’ve still got the mark on my nose that the Halti made!


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