Saturday Social Club

2014-08-02 10.35.47 2

Here we are, the Saturday Social Club puppies

I’m really shattered!

Today I called for my mate Mollie on the way to the park. Her mum wasn’t quite ready to come out but she said she would meet my mum over the park in about five minutes. Meanwhile Mum and I went to play fetch in the little bit of a green area at the top of our leafy lane. I soon got bored playing, so Mum took me to the park. I didn’t really want to go. I wanted to wait for Mollie.

Anyway when we got to the park Mum kept on throwing the ball on a string for me, but I was more interested in sniffing the trees. Then all of a sudden Mollie arrived and chased me. He mum was not far behind, with little Maggie. Mum threw the ball on a string and Mollie beat me to it. She wouldn’t give it back to Mum, so I chased her for it, but couldn’t catch her.

A bit later another dog came into the park with her dad. Mollie ran over to her, I stayed close to Mum. The other dog was on a lead, so Mum put mine on, but Mollie was larking around with the other dog and Mum walked me over to them all, then let me off the lead again when the other puppy, who was a Hungarian Vizsla called Harley, was let off her lead. The other puppy and I both chased Mollie, but we couldn’t catch her and I gave up, because I was getting tired. There we were, me nearly four months old, Harley, eight months old and Mollie who is nearly 12 months old, all having a good socialise. Maggie just sat at watched, and tried to get my treats off Mum, who had them in her pocket.

The humans all chatted and agreed we should start a puppy social club over there where we can have a good old romp with each other. We’ll call it the Saturday Social Club. I’m all for it. I’ll soon be big enough to catch the others, then they’d better watch out!


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