Loose in the Lounge

Is this a good enough "Lie down" for you?

Is this a good enough “Lie down” for you?

I’m fifteen weeks old today. I’ve had a fantastic weekend with Mum. It’s been a bit hot though. We’ve been going out early in the morning for a walk around the block, and again very late in the evening. We don’t see any dogs in the morning, but there are a few around late in the evening. I met the big grey Poodle again who was walking his dad and a Westie. His dad gave us all some treats.

Most of the day I’ve been flaked out on the marble tiles in my room. They keep me nice and cool. Today Mum got out the baby bath and the old dog basket again and filled them both with water. I had a good play around in the water, especially after Mum gave me a blue and pink squeaky duck. I really like him. He squeaks a lot, but is different from my other squeaky toys. He squelches as well. I take him everywhere. After my bath Mum toweled me down and I had my lunch. Yum yum. Freshly cooked chicken, still a bit warm. I didn’t have any for dinner last night, or for breakfast this morning because Mum forgot to cook it. 😦

This afternoon Mum decided that as I was being so good for the last few days, and have kept my room nice and clean, she would let me come in the lounge with her. I was good at first and lay on the rug beside her, but then I wanted to have a good look around at everything. I’m going to call it the “No” room from now on because everything I touched Mum said “No!” I got a bit fed up with that and I did actually manage to run off with one of her coasters, then later I grabbed a candle and ran off with that. But I was only messing around really. I just wanted a bit of fun, and when Mum chased me I gave them up without much of a fight. I had a bit of a play with a silly fur dog that Mum’s got sitting in a chair. She didn’t seem to mind that. Then Mum went and fetched my duck and I was playing nicely with that until I suddenly realised I wanted a pee.

I’m afraid I didn’t mind my manners and I peed on Mum’s nice pink rug. Well, I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to, did I? Mum yelled at me and I stopped peeing and ran out. Then she locked me out again while she cleaned the rug with her carpet shampooer.

Now I’m in the doghouse again 😦



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