Splashing about on a Sunday

Getting really wet now in Mum's old dog basket

Getting really wet now in Mum’s old dog basket

I’m fourteen weeks old today. I like Sundays when Mum’s at home. We started off with a lovely long early morning walk, before breakfast. I only met one friendly dog, and we sniffed each other’s noses. There were two very pretty Miniature Schnauzers walking their dad, but they were barking their heads off when they saw me, so I sat down and waited for them to go by. Mum said I was a very good girl for walking to heel most of the way round our walk.

After breakfast Mum was pruning things in the garden. I was trying to help, but I couldn’t really reach much in my run. After a while Mum left the gate to my run open and I had a mad chase around her garden, scattering the gravel everywhere. Then I found one of next door’s plums which had fallen off their tree. Mum wasn’t trying very hard to catch me, so I soon gave up that game and followed her back into my run when she started doing something interesting in there. To tell the truth, I was a bit puffed out and needed my morning sleep. Mum didn’t like the fact that I’d got flower seeds stuck in my fur and she spent the next half hour trying to get them out with my brush and comb, but I gave her a hard time while she was doing it! 😉

After lunch it was hot and sunny, so Mum got out my baby bath and filled it with water. I was splashing about in it, but it’s a bit small to really have much fun, so Mum found her old dog’s basket and put water in that as well. She says she’s going to buy me a paddling pool next.

Anyway, I got very wet. I wet Mum too as I kept jumping up at her with my wet feet. Mum was a bit cross and went out of my run again to dry off. When Mum’s not in there I get bored, and I was sitting under her chair with the sulks when she came back in with a towel, emptied the water baths and tried to dry me. I had hold of one end of the towel and was having real fun with it while she was drying me. Eventually my fur was back to normal, but Mum was wetter than ever!



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