Walking round the block

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Reluctant to go further, I sit down pointedly, but Mum takes no notice.

Mum keeps taking me out around the “blocks” near her house. It seems that there are several ways we can go, so that we can also walk down the grassy lanes between different housing estates where we live. Sometimes I don’t really want to go very far and I keep sitting down and looking back.  I would have thought that it should be obvious to her that I want to go back home. She doesn’t take any notice though and keeps saying “Come on” to me. I keep going to please her, but I’m not happy that she ignores my wishes.

Yesterday it was very hot. Mum went to work and came home to give me my lunch. I had been locked in my room all morning which was cool. I just slept most of the morning as I was tired after my early morning walk. Mum was very pleased that I hadn’t needed to use the newspaper on the floor. When she let me out into my run I realised how hot it was. Phew! 30 degrees! Thankfully Mum didn’t want me to walk with her then!

I was disappointed though that Mum locked me up in my room again and went back to work after I had eaten my lunch and used the alleyway toilet. I’m afraid I was a bit naughty during the afternoon, and ripped up the paper on the floor to register my disapproval. Mum was cross when she came back home, but she had also been shopping and had bought me a bone to chew on, which placated me while she sorted out my room again.

A lot later, when it had cooled down, Mum took me out again. This time I was quite keen to go, but I changed my mind when we got round the corner to the back of my house. I decided I wanted to go back. I sat down and wouldn’t budge. Mum pulled me on and said we had to go to the grassy lane to see if there were any dogs for me to meet. I’ve got to be socialised, apparently.

When we got to the lane there was this great big dark grey Poodle walking with a tiny white Westie, much smaller than me. Mum stood and chatted to the lady and man who were with the dogs, while Poodle was trying to make friends with me. Westie kept away from me. I suppose he was scared of me. Lots more people came along with their four dogs, but they didn’t look very friendly. I growled and barked at them, and they gave me a wide berth. We carried on down the lane and I led Mum into an alley where I hadn’t been before, because I thought I could smell home that way. There was a nice lady who lived at the end of the alley who wanted to pet me. She thought I was beautiful.

I rushed on down that street, not bothering to look at or sniff anything. The home smell was getting stronger. I knew where I was when I got to the end of the street which is at the back of our house, and led Mum to where we could cross the road. She made me sit and wait, even though there were no cars coming. I suppose she’s quite nervous of crossing roads. There was a choke chain round my neck and I was pulling Mum so much it was getting really tight and making me breathe heavily, but I wanted to get home quick and have my supper.

Locked in my room

Locked in my room

After supper Mum had just locked me in my room again when there was thunder and lightning, but I wasn’t scared. I just wanted to go to sleep.

I slept well, and my room was fairly tidy when Mum got up. She put me outside while she cleared away the newspapers I had used, then off we went again on an early morning walk around the block. I was a bit reluctant, but I decided I wasn’t going to win this battle with Mum, so I “walked nicely”.  We never met anyone, and Mum made me walk fast because she said it was going to rain.

After my breakfast I just chilled out in my room, even though I could have gone into my run to play. Mum had left the door open for me, but I wanted to stay in. However, I did actually go outside to use the toilet, as Mum hadn’t put any newspaper on the floor of my room. Luckily it wasn’t raining when I needed to spend a penny or two. It’s been raining on and off all morning, and there is a rumbling in the sky.  I’m not so sure I will go outside in the rain, but Mum might be cross if I tiddle on the floor without newspaper being down. What’s a girl supposed to do when she needs the loo and it’s raining?


2 thoughts on “Walking round the block

    • I see next door’s Siamese cats who terrorise our birds by hiding under one of our shrubs, Then they leap out to grab the birds while they are having a bath. I bark at them so they run out of our garden again, but I cannot chase them because I am locked in my run. But there’s a cat over the road who just sits and looks at me as I go past. Mum won’t let me chase him.

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