Meeting new dogs

Boy I'm tired! That was an awesome walk.

Boy I’m tired! That was an awesome walk.

Well, I’ve just done my third lap around the block and I’m loving it.

Last night I met another puppy called Roxy. She was much smaller than me even though she was two weeks older. Mum had a bit of a natter with Roxy’s mum while I was getting to know Roxy. Then along came two more people who had an even smaller dog with them who was two years old! All three of us had a bit of a play together while the humans were chatting. Then two great big white dogs came along with their owners. One of them came to sniff me and I was a bit scared so I barked and hid behind Mum. We all stood together for a little while getting to know each other, then the older dogs went off in the other direction while Roxy and I carried on walking.

Roxy stopped to have a poo and Mum told me that was what I should do, but I didn’t. While Roxy’s mum was clearing up, another dog came along. She was a bit bigger than me and her name was Roxy too! Mum says she was a Bull Terrier.

We all walked together until we got to the alley leading to my house. Roxy and Roxy were going the other way, and Mum said goodbye to the humans. I just sat down and watched them go out of sight. I really wanted to go with them, but Mum said we had to go home in case I got too tired.

I’m not keen on walking down our street really, and I hurried on home with Mum just about keeping up with me.

This morning Mum got up early and first thing she did was take me out again, even before I had my breakfast!

I had a bit of a sniff around at the grass verge round the corner. Mum said “Do a tiddle,” but I didn’t. I kept looking to see if there were any other dogs about, but I don’t think anyone was up yet. We walked very slowly down the lane, while I was sniffing everything, but no dogs came along. But I think there was a dog behind a fence we passed. I could hear him sniffing. I sat down and looked at the fence for a little while, hoping that someone would open the gate and let him out, but they didn’t.

I was quite disappointed when I got to the alley, but I was hungry so I rushed down it and back down the street to get home for my breakfast.

Mum says we will go a bit further tonight.


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