Out in the big wide world


Thanks for taking me for a walk, Mum. Can we do it again later when I've got my breath back please?

Thanks for taking me for a walk, Mum. Can we do it again later when I’ve got my breath back please?

Today I was locked in my run all day and there had been a lot of banging and crashing noises going on inside my house while two workmen were installing a new boiler in our garage. Mum said that I needed to let off some steam because I kept annoying the men while they were working up the alley way, so she put on my collar and lead.

I thought she was going to walk me around the garden, like she usually does, but she took me out the back gate and into the driveway. We stopped and spoke to the men who were by their van and then she led me firmly up the road. Before I had a chance to realise that I had started walking I found I was at the end of the road and round the corner.

“Well, this is not so bad,” I thought. “I quite like the change of scenery.” So I quickly stepped alongside Mum to the next corner where there was a grassy bit between the pavement and the road. I’ve missed grass, because Mum has only got gravel and slabs in her garden and in my run. I sat on the grass and watched two ladies coming along on the other side of the road with their little dog. He was smaller than me, so he didn’t frighten me at all.

When the other dog had gone Mum led me on along the road. I stopped when I got to the back of our house, because I could smell my garden. But there was no gate to get in and Mum kept saying “come on” so I carried on walking with her until we got to a grassy lane.

I liked that bit. The grass had just been cut and there were lots of new smells for me. We carried on walking down the lane and Mum kept saying I was a clever girl. But then I started getting tired, so I sat down and looked back to see where we had been. It was a long way, much further than I had ever been before, even when I was with my birth mother, Willow, on the farm where I was born. When I had got my breath back Mum wanted me to carry on. I was tired and kept trying to indicate to her that I wanted to go home, by sitting down and looking back, but she said that she knew the way to go home and it wasn’t far.

She was right because a bit further on, when I got to the alley I could see houses that looked like mine so I practically ran down it until I got back into our road. I pulled her along the road because I could smell home, even though I had never been that far away before. I passed all the other houses in the street without bothering to look at them. I knew exactly which was my driveway and quickly led Mum back into it. Mum had been right, it wasn’t so far back home.

Phew! Boy, I was tired when I got back and I couldn’t stop panting for ages, but I had enjoyed myself really. Mum says we’re going to do it again tonight.


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