My first walk

I want to go out!

I want to go out!

Mum gave me my usual evening walk on a lead around the garden then said that, as it was a week since I had my injections, we could go out the front and walk up the road to the corner and back. At first I was very happy to go out of the front door. I’d done that before and walked up our driveway to the car when we went to the vet. However, when we got to the end of the driveway and turned left, I was a bit scared that I didn’t recognise any smells, so I walked very gingerly, sniffing the ground all the time. Mum wanted me to go faster, but I wanted to take my time, so I stopped and sat down.

Mum coaxed me to go a bit further and we got to next door’s lawn. I wanted to go on that, but Mum wouldn’t let me, so I sat down and refused to budge. Mum then turned round and took me back to the front door. Then we started again. I marched out bravely this time, but there was no way I wanted to go beyond where we got to last time. We went back again, then Mum decided to walk the other side of her car and let me sniff all the shrubs along the edge. I walked to the right this time, and Mum followed me. I got past next door’s driveway, then the next driveway, then the next. Mum said I was being a clever girl. We got to the next garden and I didn’t want to go any further, so I sat down again. Mum said we could go back. I walked back very quickly. I knew which was my driveway and I practically ran up it to the front door, then collapsed in a heap of relief.

It’s scary out there! Maybe I’ll try to go a little further tomorrow.


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