Going to the vet

My crate in Mum's car

My crate in Mum’s car

Yesterday Mum took me in her car to the vet. She had put my crate in the back of her car, so I was quite happy to get into it, wondering whether I was going back to visit my birth mother and my siblings. I was quite good at traveling this time, as I had my familiar blankets around me, and only shrieked a little bit for the first part of the journey.

When we got there, Mum went in without me at first and then came back out and opened up the boot so I could see what was passing by while we waited. There were loads of cars going back and forth, and I saw a big dog walking a man past my car. Then a nice lady came along and tickled me through the bars to my crate.

Eventually Mum took me out of the crate and carried me into this funny room and put me on a table. I was quite scared up there, so I cuddled up close to Mum. Another lady came along and had a look in my mouth and in my ears, felt me all over and then stuck something in me while Mum was feeding me some treats. I was very brave and didn’t cry, but then when she squirted something up my nose I sneezed and tried to get away from her. The lady then gave me a treat herself and said I’ve got to go back again on Saturday to have something else done, as I was too upset for her to do it today. She said something about a big needle, and needing someone else there to hold me down. I don’t think I like the sound of that, and Mum looked upset about it too.

After that Mum carried me to be weighed then put me back in my crate. I was very glad to be back in there, I can tell you. Mum left me there and went back in. She was gone ages and when she came back out I had fallen asleep, but I woke up when she unlocked the car. On the way home I didn’t wail, but I was sick. I don’t think I like going to the vet.

We hadn’t been home very long when my uncle came to visit. I like him a lot. Mum got him to help her reorganise my room while I was locked in my crate. I wasn’t happy at that! I shouted and shouted all the time, and was banging around noisily in my crate, but they wouldn’t let me out until they had finished. The room looks nicer now though.

Mum’s not going to work today, and the sun’s shining, so it looks like it will be a fun day. 🙂


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