Walking to heel before lunch

Lunchtime and I'm starving :)

Lunchtime and I’m starving šŸ™‚

Mum says I’m going to the vet today. I’m not sure what that means, but I guess I’ll find out later.

I’ve been a very good girl for the past few days, according to Mum. I’ve hardly made any mess in my room and I’ve only used the newspaper when I was desperate. Most of the time I use the alley way as my toilet, as we hardly ever go down there, although when I am in Mum’s garden I sometimes use the gravel. Mum doesn’t seem to mind that. I’ve been practicing walking on the lead around the garden again, as Mum said I forgot my manners when I was loose last week and ran all over her flower bed and squashed her flowers.

This morning I was sick after my early morning walk around the garden, so Mum made me wait a while before she gave me my breakfast. I was alright after that, and played with my toys in my run while Mum had her breakfast. I tried not to jump all over her while she was drinking her coffee, and didn’t bite her very much when she petted me. Mum says maybe I’m learning to be a good girl.

Today Mum has tried teaching me how to walk to heel. She put this chain thing on the end of my lead around my neck and kept saying “Heel” as she twitched it.Ā  I had to walk around and around the garden on the left hand side of her, without stopping to sniff everything in the garden. I went round three or four times, doing what I was supposed to, because she kept telling me I was a good girl. Then I got bored, sat down and refused to budge. She must have felt sorry for me because she took me back in my run and got out my bath so I could play with my toys in the water.

After that I had a snooze while Mum carried on working on her laptop and it was soon lunchtime. I really like my lunch, especially when Mum has just cooked my chicken and it is still a bit warm. I could smell it cooking long before Mum knew that I was awake. Mmmm! Mum walked me round the garden a couple of times again with the chain thing round my neck, but I was anxious to get back into my run for lunch, so I practically ran back to my run. Then I just sat beside my empty dish and didn’t try to run out of my run when she let me off the lead. She soon got the hint, took the dish away and brought it back with my lunch, which I demolished in a minute flat. Roll on supper time!

But before supper time I’ve got to go to the vet. Mum’s taken my crate out of my room, and I think she’s probably put it in her car. I hope I’m not car sick like I was last time I went in the car.


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