A windy day

This is my favourite plant - so soft to sit on

This is my favourite plant – so soft to sit on

I’ve had a couple of lovely days while Mum’s been off work and I met some new people too. I like people.

The weather has been great and I’ve had my daily dipping in the baby bath while I fish out the toys Mum throws in for me. I wasn’t very keen on being sprayed with water from the hose though when Mum was watering her tomatoes!

I don’t think Mum was very pleased when I tried to help her weed the garden. She said I need to learn the difference between a weed and a flower, but I did manage to give her some new cuttings for her Fuchsias. Then I really annoyed her when I started to eat a daffodil bulb, so she locked me back in my run. 😦

Mum’s been training me to come to her when she calls my name. I’m obviously very good at that because she keeps telling me that I’m a “Good Girl”.  She’s also been getting me to come to her when she whistles. I’m pretty good at that too.

It’s been very windy here today and my sunshades kept flying off around the garden, until Mum devised a way of tying them to the trellis around my run. Then they turned inside out. That was funny! Eventually, it rained and Mum thought it would be a good game to call me out to find her hiding under the ash trees down the end of the garden, but I didn’t like getting wet, so I stayed inside and eventually she got bored and came in too.

Now I’m tired out, so I think I will sleep well tonight.


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