Learning to respect the garden

So you think I'm being a good girl, do you?

So you think I’m being a good girl, do you?

Well, I’ve been pretty bored most of the time during the last few days. Mum has been out at work, and only comes home  in the middle of the day to give me my lunch and clear up my room which, I have to say, I have trashed well and truly. I don’t like it when she goes to work, so I register my protest by tearing up the newspaper she has put on the floor in my room, and by chewing anything I can get my teeth into, like the rugs in my room.

Mum’s just bought some more stuff to put on my floor and she’s chucked out some of the rugs. What she really wants to do is take away the carpet in my room, but she says she needs help to do that, cos the freezer and other stuff are standing on it. She’s put down a plastic carpet protector but I’m looking for a way to chew that up.

Mum now lets me out in her garden when she’s there, without me being on a lead. Some of the time I behave, but most of the time I look for more mischief. Mum stamps her foot when I go somewhere she doesn’t want me to, or if I’m about to chew her plants. Usually I take notice of that and stop what I’m doing. She thought I behaved well last night, and said I will be easy to train so she can take me to a dog show, but I’m not sure I agree with that, so I then decided to be bad and I chewed up her Potentilla.  She let me sit on it, thinking I was behaving, but little did she know that I was actually chewing it while she wasn’t looking. tee-hee. 😉

Anyway I had a great time chasing off our resident pigeon! He’s very fed up now because he thought he had the garden to himself now next door’s Siamese cat doesn’t dare come into the garden, but now he’s got me to deal with!




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