Getting wet and washing

nearly got it.....

nearly got it…..

I know I have said how much I like my daily water bath in the sunshine in my run, but yesterday I was not at all impressed with the water that fell from the sky!

I got soaked. So did Mum.

When she came in with her shopping, she was dripping, so were all her clothes. Then, while she tidied up my room, she put me outside in my run! Mind you, the rain wasn’t so bad then, and the thunder and lightning had stopped. Mum says she’s going to have to get a roof put over part of my run so I don’t get wet going to use the toilet. The good part about getting wet though was getting a rub down with my towel when I came back in. That’s always a good game, with me playing tug’o’war with the towel. Mum got her dry clothes she had just changed into wet again. Ha-ha!

I like it when Mum goes shopping because she always buys me a new toy. She has bought me another furry animal that squeaks like my ferret, Squeak. She says this one’s a squirrel, but I’ll still call him “Squeak” too, cos that’s what he does all the time I’ve got him.

The sun came out later and Mum hung out her washing in my run. That was fun. Mum didn’t realise I had grown so much, and I have been practicing my jumping. I waited until she had her back turned, and I jumped up and caught her trousers that were dangling on the line, and ran off with them. Mum was cross with me, and had to take them in again. She only hung short things on the line after that. I couldn’t reach them, but soon I will. Tee-hee!

I can also just about reach the worktop in my room now, and Mum has to keep moving things out of my reach. That’s not fair! She puts some of my toys up there when she’s out. I’m trying to figure out if I can jump up there somehow. She gets cross when I try to reach up to the worktop in the kitchen while she’s cooking her dinner, and she shouts at me. I shout back sometimes. Then I run off with her tea towel or her towel and she chases me out of the kitchen and shuts me behind the gate to my room. I got her oven gloves once, when she wasn’t looking, and I hid them in my den. But she found them. Now she’s got more washing to do, she says.

Today it’s the weekend, and I’m gonna have fun. I’ve already found Mum’s garden fork and hidden it in my den. What shall I do now?

Locked behind the gate to my room

Locked behind the gate to my room


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