Exploring the Garden

Mum keeps trying to take things  off me

Mum keeps trying to take things off me

Mum said I was a very good girl  because I went to bed early last night so she could watch the football and I didn’t whine at all. She said I was a very, very good girl while she was at work today, and I didn’t mess up my room. So as a reward, I suppose, after I had my sedate evening walk around the garden with her on the end of my lead, she let me have a stroll around the garden on my own for a little while.

I found some shells to play with, but she didn’t like that and she took them away from me. I found some tubers to munch on, but she didn’t like that either.  I wasn’t going to give them up in a hurry, so I made her chase me round the garden to get them off me. I led her a merry dance, and eventually I hid under a bush near the bird bath. But she found me and stole the tubers. But she didn’t manage to get them all. I still had a bit in my mouth, so I ran off with it.  She gave up after that and went to get her camera.

While I was posing for photos I decided I wanted to investigate the pond. I’d not had my water bath today, that she usually gives me in the afternoon, so I thought it would be good to jump in the pond instead. She stopped me just as I was going in, and then made me go back in my run. I hate my mum! She spoils all my fun.



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