Playing and Learning

Squeak can't get away from me

Squeak can’t get away from me

I’ve had a fun few days. Mum is getting me into a daily routine where I have a little play before and after breakfast, then I have a good sleep while she gets on with things. I’m usually quite good when I wake up, so she leaves me to play in my run while she works on her laptop and has her lunch. Then we have another little play before it is my lunch time. After that I have my afternoon nap while Mum goes shopping or something.

Yesterday she bought me a new toy because my squeaky toy has lost it’s squeak. This one Mum says is a ferret, and he has a long tail. I call him Squeak because when I bite him he squeaks. He squeaks a lot.

When the sun comes out Mum gets out the baby bath, fills it with water and puts in a lot of my toys. I go and rescue them, but she throws them in again. Today I found some plastic flowerpots and I put one of them in the water myself. Mum’s got a big yellow ball that floats, but it is too big for me to get it out of the bath. I tried getting in the water and pushing it out with my nose, but that didn’t work and I just got very wet.

I have also got an empty plastic lemonade bottle which I drag around my run. That makes lots of noise. I don’t know where my plastic milk bottle went, but I’d chewed it up a lot so maybe Mum got rid of it. I found a plastic watering can the other day that I was really enjoying playing with, but that’s disappeared too.

I got up to a lot of mischief today. Mum said I was being a madam. I kept trying to bite her trousers and her sleeves, but she got cross with me.  Then I tried to bite my brush while she was brushing me. She told me off for that too. I did try to help her a little bit though when I weeded some of the garden, well the things I could reach anyway. She didn’t like that either.

After I had gone mad in my play run for a while, Mum put my collar and lead on and took me for a walk around the garden. I felt very grown up. After that she taught me to sit by her side. She said I was a very good girl for doing what she said, but I was tired anyway. She tied my lead to her chair on the patio and I had my evening snooze by her side.



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