Getting used to my new home

Why is that door shut?

Why is that door shut?

Hello again. Thanks for coming back.

I’ve had lots of fun since I’ve been in my new home, getting used to my new surroundings. I found a little plastic watering can yesterday and really had some fun dragging it around my run. Mum also found some of her old leather shoes. She lets me chew them, but she won’t let me chew the ones on her feet. I can’t think why.

The highlight of my day is when Mum gets her old baby bath and puts water into it then throws in some of my toys. I have great fun splashing about with them in the bath and I get very wet. I really enjoy being toweled down after that. Mum says she’s going to get a bigger bath for me soon where I can really go wild.

My squeaky toy has lost its squeak 😦  I keep bashing it and squeezing it, but all it does is make a faint squishy noise. Mum says she will buy me a new one when she goes shopping.

I’ve had some visitors too. I met Mum’s workmate, and her ex-husband. I barked at him when I first saw him, but I soon let him play with me. Then later Mum’s son came to stay the night. He played with me for ages, but then he went to watch football while I had my supper. When Mum put me to bed in my room at 11pm I kept shouting that I didn’t want to go to bed yet, but she ignored me. It’s not fair!

I got up very early for the first few days, just after 5 am. But today I had a bit of a lie in until after 7am. It took me a long time to get to sleep last night because I was so excited.

I wonder what we’ll be doing today.




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