Meeting my new mum and home

Meeting my new Mum when I was seven weeks old

Meeting my new Mum when I was 7 weeks old

Hello everyone. My name is Lexy, but my proper name is Angels White Heaven.  I am nine weeks old. My birth mother was called Willow, and my sire was called Yogi, both white German Shepherds. My new Mum came to meet me at the smallholding where I lived and I had a bit of a cuddle with her, then I wandered around with Willow while she cuddled my litter sister. My eight brothers stayed in our pen lying in the shade. It was a very hot day. Two weeks later my new Mum came to pick me up. I had to go in a crate in the back of her car, and I was very scared even though I cuddled up to the blanket in there. I was very sad to leave Willow and my siblings. I had never been on my own before. 😦

But I’ve had an exciting couple of days with my new mum.

First of all we went to 10347725_10205653115423654_429591298586183302_na garden games party, but no-one played any games except me. They all played with me.  One lady picked me up and cuddled me. I loved it there. I had to wear a collar for the first time though and it kept itching. Mum took me around the garden on a long pull out lead thing. I kept going round and round trees and everyone thought it was funny that Mum had to keep following me.

I was sick in the car going from where I used to live, and then I was sick again going from the garden party to where I live now. I think I was a bit scared, and I didn’t like being on my own, stuck in this crate thing in the back of my new mum’s car.

I quite like my crate now though. My new mum has put it in a corner of my room and covered it with a blanket so I can pretend it is a den. I’ve also got a cerise pink basket to sleep in, in the other corner of my room, with a big soft cerise cushion to sit on. It’s very comfy. I’ve got a cerise ball to play with and a cerise rope thing to have a tug’o’war with too. I think maybe Mum likes cerise. I quite like it too.

I’ve got lots of other toys to play with. One squeaks and I give that quite a hard time. Another is a green rope thing and I often have a pulling game with Mum with it. I always win.

I’ve got a lovely big play run in Mum’s garden, all to myself. Today mum put a big bowl of water in it with some of my floating toys. I had a great time splashing about in it, but then Mum dipped my bottom in. I wasn’t so keen on that, but I loved being toweled dry. Tomorrow Mum says she’s going to get out her baby bath and let me play in that.

I get very sleepy though and keep stopping to have a nap. Mum goes and works on her laptop while I’m asleep, but I can still see her from my crate.

I think I like it here.


2 thoughts on “Meeting my new mum and home

  1. Val – Lexy does look so o o o o beautiful ! I don’t blame you for falling in love with her. Thanks for letting us know about your new arrival. I’ll have to schedule a visit soon ! Love to you both ! Jill x

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